Veeno: The Italian Wine Café

Already having opened four wine café’s across the country, Veeno’s opening party in Nottingham was a clear success. The bar overspilling with clientele, everyone was eager to get a taste of the company’s originally sourced wine from their family vineyard in Sicily.

And Impact Food got an exclusive invite to capture all the Italian action (we don’t like to brag of course).

With its chic ambiance, contemporary décor and stylish crowd, what better place to converse over a sophisticated glass of wine (or five)? The classy and relaxed vibe is facilitated by the staff, who’s service is impeccable – full marks on friendliness.

The menu also offers an array of ‘spuntini’ (Italian appetizers) such as cured meats and cheese platters as well as a selection of Italian sandwiches and salads. Why not check out their lunch deal where you can eat and drink for under £5?

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So, when you go to Veeno, what type of wine should you order? If you like:

White (fruity) then try ‘Our fruitiest’ which is more crisp than the ‘House White Fruity’.

White (dry) then ask for ‘Our driest’. Though Veeno offers a dry house wine, the flavors are very subtle.

Rosé then order the ‘House Rosé’ or ‘The Fashionable’.

Red then try the house red wine which is very rich and by far the best out of the house wine range, though you may also want to try “The Best Seller”

Everything. If you like a bit of everything then check out their wine tasting menu with prices starting from under £10. I would recommend the ‘Vineyard Tasting’ which offers a white, a rosé and a red wine.

Nothing. If you’re not a fan of wine, that’s not a problem! Veeno also offers prosecco, cocktails and Italian beers, so there’s something for everyone.

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So what are you waiting for? Go, dress up, have a cultured evening with the girls, gentlemen or with your extremely attractive date and indulge yourselves in Nottingham’s brand new (and only) Italian wine café.

Alla prossima.

Zenab Haq

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  • Joerg Thul
    31 July 2017 at 15:09
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    Have been with friends on Saturday for the first time and can only congratulate you on the outstanding service we have received.
    I will be back for definite to try more of the outstanding produce on offer whilst enjoying the warm welcome and friendliness of the people working there.

    It is refreshing to see how much a smile and good customer service can enhance the experience.

    Just great!!!

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