Buffalo Trace Whisky tasting night at Rub Smokehouse & Bar

If you’re looking for something a little different keep an eye out for the Whisky tasting nights at Rub Smokehouse & Bar, tucked in the trendy Lace Market area, this is an event not to be missed by Whisky lovers of Nottingham!

Entering Rub, the interior has its roots in the classic American hangout: with old school colourful chairs, vintage Coca Cola framed ads and contemporary buffalo heads. The overall effect creates a playful atmosphere to go along with some speciality handcrafted American inspired cocktails!

We were offered some complimentary cocktails made with the signature Buffalo Trace Whisky, I opted for the Jean Claude Jam Dram, This mix of Blackcurrant Jam, Chipotle bitters (can we say we have tried chipotle now?) and White chocolate was a sweet cocktail lover’s dream. Garnished with a piece of white Hershey’s was as Hunky and delicious as Jean Claude Van Damme himself.

We then moved on to the all-important Whisky tasting! We were given a selection of 8 Bourbons and it was clear why the Buffalo Trace was selected for the cocktails, without the burning aftertaste of spirit it was surprisingly fruity and very smooth on the palate.

We also tried Buffalo Trace’s White dog, the name given to an unaged, clear Whisky, which packed a mighty kick 62%, however moving on to Stagg Jr. At 67% was a challenge and definitely one to be sipped. My personal favourite would have to be the Sazerac Rye 18 yr old, very mature, with notes of mint, leaving a taste of vanilla behind, was the perfect Whisky to end the evening on!

However if you think these Whisky percentages are impressive it is even more impressive that we made it home by the end of the night!

Thank you to Rub Smokehouse and Bar for hosting the evening, I recommend our readers keep an eye out for future tasting events and head down to Rub to try our favourite Buffalo Trace for yourself, it’s not to be missed!

Sarah Fowler

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