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Trailer Watch – Fifty Shades of Black

How do you make a movie funnier than the funniest movie of the year?

 You parody it, of course. 

When Fifty Shades of Grey gave couples a great reason to head out to cinemas at the start of this year, the rest of us followed with morbid curiosity. As a result the Fifty Shades phenomenon has spawned two sequels and now a parody as well.

Fifty Shades of Black stars Marlon Waynes (star of the Scary Movie and A Haunted House franchises) as Christian Black. He returns with director Michael Tiddes, who pulled apart every horror movie cliché in A Haunted House and its sequel to hilarious effect. Giving Fifty Shades of Grey the same treatment, which is itself an exaggerated fan fiction of the already cliché-drenched book series Twilight, should be something special.

For those that believed Fifty Shades of Grey to be the second coming of Citizen Kane, this isn’t for you. But for those that saw Fifty Shades for the ridiculous, creepy, “people only popularised the book from being unsatisfied with their own sex lives” sham that it was… oh, this is most definitely for you.

Prepare for perhaps the parody of the year when Fifty Shades of Black hits cinemas January 29th 2016!

Glenn Tanner

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