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Trailer Watch – Zoolander 2

After a wait of FIFTEEN YEARS, a glimpse of Derek and Hansel walking the catwalk during Paris Fashion Week was better for many of us comedy fans, than Valentino’s new collection!

What is even better is the realisation that Derek and Hansel are back to save the world, one pout at a time, in a sequel to 2001’s comedy smash, Zoolander. Years have passed since Zoolander defeated the evil Mugatu, and it looks like the former three-time male model of the year has become *gasp* out of fashion! When a host of the world’s hottest people (including Justin Bieber?), are found murdered after taking a last selfie, featuring the famous Blue Steel (Derek’s signature modelling move), it is up to the hapless Zoolander and his pal to save our celebrities from the killer’s grasp.

Directed by Ben Stiller, who is also reprising his role as Derek Zoolander, and starring Owen Wilson, Penelope Cruz and Will Ferrell, as evil fashionista Mugatu, Zoolander 2 (stylised 2oolander) looks to be a comedy highlight of next year! From knife-throwing injuries, to spilled latte, all the Zoolander clichés we know and love look set to make a reappearance, with Stiller’s portrayal of Zoolander adding comedy even to the mundanest of items. Who knew selfie sticks could be so dangerous?

So prepare your Le Tigre, and perfect your Magnums for when 2oolander hits cinemas on the 12th February 2016!

Amy Wilcockson

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