Inspirations Of The Week

Five things that inspired us this week and determined the way we dressed:

  1. Badly Drawn Models

lineisy montero badly drawn

Already well established on the scene given the frequent commissions that illustrator Sean Ryan receives from top models and designers, I was pretty late to the party with discovering these humorous and irresistible portraits. The uglified-pretty appeal is fairly obvious but I seem to be drawn by the endearing naïveté of his monochromatic style and the mild nausea that such distortions stir within me – for some reason they remind of Beavis and Butthead who always horrified me. Even so, Ryan’s interpretations of fashion’s cookie-cutter image are a delight to scroll through and the perfect inspiration to pick up a pen yourself and trust that bad really can mean good.

Not to mention that he will draw you, too – badly of course. Check out his website here!

2. Vogue Archive on

vogue archive

Italian Vogue online now offers archival access in a three tier system – whilst British Vogue offers something similar (with full membership costing north of £1000), from what I can understand of my limited knowledge of Italian/Google Translate, is that the Italian offer is much more generous for free registered users who can make up to 5 archive searches and consult 3 editions of Italian Vogue a week from the last 50 years with an eye-popping range of results. You can save images you like in 3D mag style spreads and have unlimited view of other users’ collections which helps get around the restricted search options. All in all a fantastic way to dither away an hour or so, scheming just the perfect keyword to bring up as many inspiring results as possible.

3. Benjamin Clementine

WikiCommonsTheBenjaminClementineArchives - Benjamine Clementine

I recently saw the Edmonton-born performer in play London and have been endlessly contemplating how anyone exudes such genuine coolness so effortlessly. Uber jealous of Parisian friends who remember him fondly from his busking days on the metro, it’s an entirely prodigious experience to watch a musician so enthralled with his art and having advanced on the authentic basis of pure talent given his humble beginnings and quiet aspirations, which he maintains through the favoured simplicity of his style and performances. With his towering stature and fiercely angular features, he’s a sight as well as a sound to behold, and would be my dream front cover star to style and shoot.

4. Moon Boots

Moon Boot - the orignial

These boots are probably the only rival of Uggs in the ugly-but-for-some-reason-stylish stakes. A little more subversive than their sheepskin peer, I fell in love with these for the first time watching Napoleon Dynamite. I tend to love anything that receives universal scorn but sadly often lack the courage to take the plunge. However, these beasts are edging closer and closer to fashion-staple status (though many would probably assure me I’m fooling myself…), but with no corner of any industry left untouched by the monster franchise power of the latest instalment of the Star Wars epic, I may have just found the perfect excuse to blow my already fragile student loan on these, claiming some kind of Stormtrooper homage.

To get your own pair, head to their website!

5. Christian Siriano Pre-Fall 2016

chris via

Cruise collections are a great way to tide us over until all-exciting fashion week commences and are actually the bread and butter of fashion houses anyway, commercially speaking. The best of these so far is no doubt Christian Siriano’s collection of sharp tailored pieces and boldy ruffled formal wear. Consisting of a pure monochrome palette contrasted with cobalt and fuschia pieces, the deceptively simple idea of classic shapes topped off with Breakfast at Tiffany’s style shades and wide-brim hats are beautifully innovated with highly textured embellishment and exaggerated silhouettes. I never thought I’d lust after a hot pink power suit but now it seems an essential wardrobe addition.

Scroll through the entire collection here.

Amrit Santos

Image Credits: WikiCommons/TheBenjaminClementineArchives, Siriano, Tecnica Moon Boot, Sean Ryan via,

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