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Whoever you are – a New Year’s resolution jogger or a long established gym goer – active wear is not just a vital part to your workout but can also help to motivate you to go that extra mile, or do the extra crunch. We have compiled your must dos when it comes to sports wear and some shopping suggestions too.

Top Tips for Gym Wear

  1. Make sure you’re wearing the right trainers for your sport

If you’re a runner, your shoes need to have lots of cushioning to prevent any damage to your feet or legs, whereas tennis players need more support. If in doubt, ask an expert in the shop who’ll be able to help you.

  1. How long should you keep your trainers?

This is something you have to decide for yourself. Basically, when your trainers begin to look dishevelled and no longer support you in your workouts (i.e. you end up with aches and pains) you’ll know it’s time for a change.

  1. Which fabrics are the best to use for exercise clothes?

Whatever you wear to work out needs to be breathable. Whilst it’s easy to opt for an old cotton t-shirt you no longer use, you’re likely to find that it won’t deal with sweat very well, leaving you with some awkward sweaty areas. Instead, opt for a synthetic top, such as this Nike Dri-FIT one, which will stop any embarrassing patches. Leggings are also available in the same material.


If you’re the type of person who likes to change things up, Fabletics allows you to get your hands on a new sportswear outfit every month with their membership. With your first outfit costing just £22, there’s not much to complain about. Fabletics, headed by Kate Hudson herself, offers an incredibly wide range of active wear, with an array of stylish designs that are practical as well as pretty. The pieces are designed to support you in your ventures, with breathable tops and jackets that will stop sweat in its tracks.  Check it out here

USA Pro’s Collaboration with Little Mix


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Little Mix’s vibrant collaboration with USA Pro is an explosion of colours, notably pinks and blues, which will have you on the treadmill in no time. With a variety of different sports bras, tops, leggings and trainers to choose from, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste. The best part? This range won’t cost you an arm and a leg – leggings cost as little as £11.99. Check the collection out here



[column size=’1/2′]12540339_10208481047613036_1194044476_nSports Bra – Nike[/column]

[column size=’1/2′]12511738_10208481047533034_1602490348_nStretch Surplex Leggings – Live the Process[/column]


For the truly style conscious athlete, net-a-porter boasts an impressive variety of much coveted pieces, from this more affordable Nike sports bra, to these slightly more purse damaging, but nonetheless enviable, Live The Process leggings. If you really want to indulge, the Net-a-porter January Detox Kit, costing £100, supplies you with a complete set of active wear, including a Nike sports bra, a Nike tank top, Nike leggings and Mio Skincare’s Gym Kit. Sporty never looked so good.


Nike has long been a go-to brand for anything active, not just because of the great designs, but because of the durability of its pieces. Although Nike offers everything from leggings to accessories, its trainers are hard to beat. You can opt for plain colours, such as black or red, or choose to mix it up with a pair like these vibrantly patterned ones. They won’t need replacing for a while either, as Nike trainers generally stand the test of time. Browse the selection here

Verity Bradley

Image Credits: Nike, net-a-porter/Live the Process, USA Pro, Fabletics, flickr/greg westfall


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