UoN HopeSoc on target to raise £650,000 for vulnerable children

By July 2016, HopeSoc, Karnival (the RAG Society) and all their Nottingham-based student supporters will have raised over £650,000 in aid of Hope for Children, having begun their incredible efforts in September 2012. This achievement over the last three and a half years means that the University of Nottingham (UoN), continues to be Hope’s largest body of student supporters in the world.

More than 130 members from the UoN society are working together to sell cakes, collect bucket donations and sell refreshments during concert intervals to support Hope for Children’s efforts to tackle child poverty.

Hope for Children has helped more than 47,000 children and their families in the UK, Ghana, India, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Uganda to access health care and education in the last year alone.

“As a charity we are incredibly proud to be associated with the university and its students”

Murielle Maupoint, Chief Executive of Hope for Children, said: “What the HopeSoc has achieved is simply phenomenal. Knowing the amount of effort they put into the video and watching the end result literally gave me goose bumps”.

She added: “As a charity we are incredibly proud to be associated with the University and its students who, time and time again, demonstrate their creativity, energy and passion for making a massive difference to vulnerable children’s lives across the world”.

HopeSoc was founded two years ago with the aim of supporting Hope for Children and encouraging University of Nottingham students to get involved in fundraising to end child poverty.

The society’s seven committee members continue to meet fortnightly to develop their fundraising plans.

“The fact that we suport them and raise its profile by having our own society is really significant”

President of HopeSoc, Amy Price, said: “[Hope for Children] works in seven different countries and it is quite small compared to a lot of other ones.

“The student and university sector are so important to the charity and the fact that we support them and raise its profile by having our own society is really significant”.

Second year History student, Connor Higgs, told Impact: “I think HopeSoc is a great cause as it will allow children and those from less comfortable backgrounds to gain more equal opportunities and a way into higher education”.

Tamsin Parnell

Image: SCILLA KIM via Flickr

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