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Trailer Watch – Super Bowl 50

On the 7th February 2015, The Broncos and The Panthers came together for the Super Bowl 50. Though the clash was exciting for many, just as exciting was the halftime show, in particular the whole host of clips and teasers we were shown for the films of 2016.  Impact Film & TV takes a quick look at the previews.

Jason Bourne

The newest Jason Bourne adventure, pithily titled Jason Bourne, sees the return of Matt Damon as the titular CIA agent gone rogue. This fact, combined with having Paul Greengrass directing again, means the likelihood of getting a taut thriller similar to the first three instalments has been pleasantly increased. Bourne has apparently been making a living in the world of backroom bare-knuckle fighting, whilst the world in general falls into chaos once more. Some great-looking fisticuffs and vehicle action appear in this trailer, along with glimpses of new cast additions Tommy Lee Jones and Vincent Cassel. It’s shaping up well.

Damon returns to the Bourne franchise once again on July 29th

X- Men: Apocalypse

Not much is revealed in the latest X-Men: Apocalypse trailer, but there is enough to keep fans of the previous films in this trilogy of prequels happy. The kiddies of First Class and Days of Future Past, both excellent films, are facing their greatest ever challenge in the new villain, Apocalypse (Oscar Issacs), the world’s very first mutant. We see glimpses of this new villain in the trailer, and his aim of cleansing the earth’s population is a welcome return to the earlier films’ main theme of being an outcast in society. Jennifer Lawrence is, of course, returning to play Raven/Mystique and looks to have an integral part.

All your favourite mutants will unite once more on May 19th

Independence Day: Resurgence

The trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence squeezes a lot into thirty seconds. Humans are at war with a new alien threat, with Liam Hemsworth in the thick of the action. Cities are seen being levelled in a spectacular fashion. Jeff Goldblum is returning and seems to still be channelling an apprehensive and yet comedic persona as a top scientist. The United States’ national anthem runs throughout so expect a thoroughly patriotic affair – not that that’s a bad thing. Some new cast members are shown off (no Will Smith, sadly) and hopefully the corniest dialogue’s not still to come.

It’s been 20 years, but on July 24th, the wait is over!

Tom Welshman 

Captain America: Civil War

Civil War is the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s next grand meeting of (and first major fight between) its growing cast of superheroes. Although short, this trailer captures the atmosphere of the build-up to the big event, juxtaposing dramatic shots of violence with looks of shock and determination in the characters’ reactions. Instead of too much revealing dialogue, there is a crescendo of the pertinent chant “United we stand, Divided we fall” throughout, culminating in an intense stand-off between the two sides of the conflict. This scene offers us impressive comparison shots of Captain America and Iron Man’s ‘teams’, featuring highly anticipated additions to the Avengers such as Ant Man and Black Panther. There is also tantalising new footage of Tony Stark’s new Iron Man technology, able to withstand point-blank gunfire, and there are further hints towards the potential death of major characters. Civil War is set to be another great success for the Marvel franchise, and from this trailer it looks to be worth the wait.

Sides will form and friendships tested March 26th

The Secret Life of Pets

Unlike other recent trailers for The Secret Life of Pets, the one broadcast for the Super Bowl does not hint at the main storyline of the film, rather offering a cute insight into the lives of ordinary human’s pets when they leave for the day. Beginning with the relationships between pets and their owners, this trailer shows the funny side of the film as soon as the humans close their front doors. Typical pet activities, such as a dog drinking out of the toilet bowl, are enlarged to a big event, in this case with animals ranging from cats to lizards cheering the participant on. There is also a sense of secret rebellion of pets against their owners, such as cats rejecting their food, and a poodle comically changing the music from their owner’s classical preferences to their own taste the second the human shuts the door. The Secret Life of Pets looks like it will be another fun, enjoyable family film based on what humans don’t know about the world around them.

Find out what goes on behind closed doors July 8th

10 Cloverfield Lane

Not so much a sequel as a film in the same universe, set at approximately the same time as the original Cloverfield, this film appears to be less about the action of an alien invasion, and more about the human element to the story. There is a focus in this trailer on the unity a conflict can create, with people working together and helping each other, and humanity fighting for survival against a common enemy. The trailer appears to explain how the setting of the film came about, focusing on this theme of human kindness and solidarity. But there is also a hint about what can happen when that unity breaks down among individuals in a confined space, and the dangers that come with living in a sealed bunker. The trailer also introduces more elements of action, setting a fast pace and promising a thrilling ride back into the territory of Cloverfield, without the shaky found-footage style of filming.

All will be revealed March 11th

Isobel Sheene 

The Jungle Book

Initially announced in 2013, Superbowl 50 saw the release of the first full trailer for the live action remake of The Jungle Book. Far from the fluffy, feel-good vibes of the original Disney film, the trailer opens with a tense scene of poor Mowgli on the run from wild animals. It is, however, reassuring to hear the very British voice of Ben Kingsley in the role of Bagheera, everyone’s favourite panther, and later on, Bill Murray as the loveable Baloo. Whether the film is a musical is unknown, but the trailer features a snippet of the classic ‘Bear Necessities’, giving us hope that our old favourites will feature.  Quite why King Louis is the size of a small building is something the trailer doesn’t reveal, but it gives us high hopes for a dramatic and faithful adaptation of the original, although if the trailer is anything to go by, it might be best not to take any small children along with you!

Prepare to return to the jungle when The Jungle Book hits screens 15th April 2016.

Emily Harbottle


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