Impact On The Campaign Trail: Day 3

Today marks the opening of the voting process, and candidates were not put off campaigning on a day which brought snow and lost banners. 

This morning in Portland Building Impact spoke to Beth Massey, who is running for Education officer. She said: “The snow didn’t help at all, but it’s been exciting getting the voting open and seeing lots of people out still!”


Beth Massey

On today’s campaign strategy, Beth mentioned that she will be at Ocean tonight and will be utilising her new Snapchat filter, explaining that she couldn’t avoid this fantastic opportunity.

Impact also had a chat with Radhika Chand (Welfare), who was giving out Chai tea in the SU hub. She said that her approach is a more humane one, in which she can talk to people one-to-one and they can interact more with her policies.

“It’s been exciting getting the voting open!”

She also commented on her (and the other candidates’) frustration about most of their signage being taken down overnight, as a lot of time and dedication was put into them.


Will Rider (Sports) was also in Portland Building, and stressed the necessity of visiting all of the campuses (including Jubilee, Sutton Bonington and Derby) in order to meet as many students as possible.

“There shouldn’t be a choice between lectures and sport”

He emphasises his manifest point of having no lectures on Wednesdays as “there shouldn’t be a choice between lectures and sport, students should be able to balance both without one impacting upon the other.”

Luke Norman

Images: Luke Norman

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