Impact on the Campaign Trail: Day 7

It’s the last full day of voting and candidates are really stepping up their campaigns, some with iPads to encourage people to vote, whilst some post and share campaign videos.

Impact caught up with Alex Terry, who is running for Sports Officer, in George Green Library. He told of the amount of fun he has had during the campaign trail and of his excitement for tomorrow’s results.  

Alex has had a couple of celebrity endorsements from people such as BBC Breakfast Presenter Dan Walker. He told Impact: “It’s been great getting a big name out there. It’s really funny the way he does it and adds a light-hearted spin to the campaign”.

“[Alex Terry] told Impact about how the chocolate oranges have boosted his campaign”


Finally, he told Impact about how the chocolate oranges have boosted his campaign and can be a great ice-breaker for talking to voters.

Impact also had a chat with Jononymous’ “Supreme Leader”, The Chosen One, who said that his personal highlight had been confusing Johnny Lawrence with their newly released campaign video. The Chosen One also mentioned that the “debates had been exciting” and that people are responding nicely to the campaign.


He even dropped an anecdote about a girl who came up to him who said “you’re creepy as hell, but I’m going to vote for you”.

Their main focus throughout the campaign has been mental health and teamwork and Jononymous furthers this by saying “I want to be in a team that helps students”.  

“He adds people expect “global opinions from a global candidate””


Finally, Impact met up with Rajesh Ramesh, who is running for Postgraduate Officer. He admitted the process had been stressful at the beginning but “as more and more people became convinced of my campaign, the more people joined it”.

His personal highlight during the process had been the release of his campaign video yesterday which reached 270 views overnight.

He adds people expect “global opinions from a global candidate” and that is what the video provides.

Rajesh, on a visit to Derby with the other candidates, spoke to many different types of students there and found that a lack of hopper buses was a clear problem and most students have to wait at least an hour to get home at night.

Luke Norman

Image: Luke Norman

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