“The new players are a little mystified as to what it is going to be like!” Thomas Fox talks Archery Varsity

Impact Sport spoke to Thomas Fox, of the University of Nottingham Archery Club, on their stellar season and a brand new Varsity challenge.

How has the season gone so far?

Thomas: “It has gone really well; we had an unexpected turn up of the books, considering we haven’t been coached too much, as our coach left last year!

“We managed 26 BUCS points, with is a very good amount. The Women’s team took the trophy and we managed to win a multitude of experience and novice medals.

“The Archery outdoor season in June and Varsity is before that of course, which is our first time as an official sport!

“We are all really chuffed about the season as a whole!”

Have there been any new players for this year that have really impressed? Will we see them at Varsity?

Thomas: “The way we deal with new players  is to have the novices go into a separate category from those who have been shooting for a few years.

“Of those: Sam Day, with the longbow, has done really well; Jess Wallbank,  in the Ladies Novice Compound category has shone.  Evea Lipska and Rachel Armitage, in the Ladies Novice Recurve, and Matthew Muncaster in bare-bow have all done fantastically well!”

How is the preparation for Varsity going?

Thomas: “Everyone is really excited for it, especially the older members who have wanted it for a few years!

“The new players are a little mystified as to what it is going to be like!

“The match will be run as a head-to-head on a three-spot phase; the system is one where you shoot one arrow into each spot, hit or miss, and the first one to hit the most with three arrows win the round.”

How is your recent record against Trent? Do you think you can improve/continue the record?

Thomas: “We don’t have many matches with them, we haven’t had many formal things with them but at our last hit and miss meeting format they destroyed us!

“It’s a little worrying but I’m confident that we can do it, and the Varsity is at home!”

Are you looking to go any events aside from yours?

Thomas: “Personally, probably not but it depends; I’m hoping to go to the ice hockey or basketball but it depends how work is going!”

The Archery Varsity events is part of the first Super Wednesday of the Varsity Series, on Wednesday 27th April.

Connor Higgs

Image: Impact Image Team

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