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Trailer Watch – Sausage Party

Chances are, most of you who have seen this trailer on Facebook, or elsewhere, clicked on it it thinking ‘aw cute, another animated film’. From the start it looks like any other kids film, albeit about food. The trailer informs us that all food dreams of is being taken home by us humans, but they live in blissful ignorance about what happens after that.

This is when you quickly realise that this is definitely NOT a kid’s film, not least because the word ‘fuck’ is said about 6 times in the 2 minute trailer, but mainly because the way that the Irish Potato is peeled, and the baby carrots are eaten whilst the sausages watch, screaming ‘they’re eating children’ is distinctively masochistic. It’s then up to the sausages to spread the word that food is actually eaten by humans, and there are some classic chase scenes, food getting stuck in tight spaces, and a clip of food injured and dying, in tones reminiscent of a terrorist attack. It has a fantastic cast, with big comedic names like Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill, so it looks set to be popular in the box office. Let’s hope no one accidentally takes their kids to see it!

Sausage Party is due to hit cinemas August 11

Emily Harbottle

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