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Trailer Watch – Lego Batman: The Movie

It’s great to see the Lego team ‘Robin’ some of the Batman attention away from Batman V Superman this week – with a trailer I can hardly ‘Penguin’ to describe. But will Lego Batman: The Movie live up to its predecessor, or is it destined to be the ‘Bane’ of our cinema-going experiences?

Batman, in The Lego Movie, was a character who immediately stood out and provided the majority of laughs. The teaser is quite peculiar in the sense that it is a “behind the scenes” look at Batman’s life, and gives nothing major towards the main plot (which is good compared to most other popular trailers, e.g. Mockingjay Part 2). It already promises to show a far lighter side to the caped crusader than the dark look of BVS and (fingers crossed) will not show the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents – yet again! As a side note, is it just me or does the Batcave look bloody amazing in this version!

The movie features a stellar voice-cast, which sees the return of Will Arnett as Batman, as well as an excellent supporting cast; Ralph Fiennes and Michael Cera (Arrested Development) join as Alfred and Robin respectively. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (The Lego Movie directors) are back, but only to produce this time around. However, their presence should be enough to achieve the success of the previous Lego instalment.

Luke Norman

Images: ‘Lego Batman: The Movie’, Warner Bros. Pictures

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