BREAKING NEWS: Factory fire in Lenton on Faraday Road


A large fire has started in a factory on Faraday Road in Lenton at approximately 12:20pm. Two fire engines and police cars have been seen at the scene.

Students who live near the scene are reporting that the fire has started in a factory, and Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue are currently tackling the blaze. Reports also state that student houses along the road have been evacuated by police but that everyone appears to be safe.

Tim Spencer, a third year Politics student, lives near the scene of the fire and told Impact, “I smelt a horrible chemical burning smell… it was quite plasticy… wind is blowing large amounts of smoke over Lenton, reducing visibility”.

Another third year Politics student sent Impact this video, showing the current state of the fire.

Another video, taken by Impact News Editor Steven Green, gives another perspective of the fire and the crews tackling it.

The following image was taken by student Leigh Campbell at 12:21pm today.


More details to follow.

Beth Rowland

Featured Image: Steven Green

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