“We’re hopeful this year and have trained really hard!”: Women’s Volleyball Varsity Interview

Joe Tanner spoke to Shannon Lyness of the University of Nottingham Women’s Volleyball 1st Team, on their season and the importance of Varsity victory.

How has the season gone so far?

SL: “It’s gone really well, we haven’t dropped a set in BUCS yet; we have the BUCS Championship play-offs in May, and are hoping to go forward!”

Have there been any new players for this year that have really impressed? Will we see them at Varsity?

SL: “We have a whole new team from last year; we have some French, Americans and Italians who have all come in, so we have really tried to bond really.

“We currently have three women’s teams in total.”

How is the preparation for Varsity going?

SL: “We have training 3 times a week, both strength and conditioning, which equates to about 15 hours a week!”

How is your recent record against Trent? Do you think you can improve/continue the record?

SL: “We are looking to avenge last year’s defeat – we are pretty equal in terms of winning and losing, and we’re hopeful this year and have trained really hard!”

What is your favourite thing about the Varsity series?

SL: “The competitiveness, there are so many more spectators egging each other on – and the atmosphere is always electric!”

Are you looking to go to any events aside from yours?

SL: “Basketball is always a good one. Ice hockey and American football are always good events!”

Updated: 22/04/2016 13:45 P W D L GD Pts
1 Nottingham 1st 9 9 0 0 27 27
2 Warwick 1st 10 6 0 4 4 18

3 Birmingham 1st 9 6 0 3 5 17

4 East Anglia 1st 10 5 0 5 1 15
5 Coventry 1st 9 2 0 7 -15 6
6 Aston 1st 9 0 0 9 -22 -3

Varsity volleyball (men’s and women’s) is on Tuesday 10th May at Nottingham Trent University’s Clifton Campus.

Interview conducted by Joe Tanner

Words by Connor Higgs

Image: Impact Image Team

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