“Now we feel as though we’re contributing towards Varsity”: Jack Goody on his excitement for Karate Varsity

Jack Goody, of the UoN Karate Club, speaks to Impact Sport on the club’s excitement for their first ever official Varsity game.

How has the season gone so far?

JG: “We’ve been doing very well. Karate is a bit different. We have a tournament in February which is mid-term. We don’t have regular meetings every Wednesday so we’ve just been training for that tournament. We did really well – we got 6 medals in the whole club, I think.

“Since then it’s been more settled down. We were training 3-4 times a week leading up to BUCS so it has been quite intense.”

Have there been any new players for this year that have really impressed? Will we see them at Varsity?

JG: “Yeah. In Karate it’s a bit different – we’ve had a few novices and some joining the senior club. One of them has a bronze medal. We also have a few senior guys who have been doing it for 10 years. One guy fought in the Europeans in Germany and came over. We’ve had quite a mix.”

Is anything changing with regards to your training from BUCS?

JG: “We’re going to continue with regular training as much as possible, keeping our fitness up.”

Have you played against Trent?

JG: “We had an unofficial Varsity last year. I’ve only been here for a year but generally we do quite well against Trent.”

What’s your favourite thing about Varsity?

JG: “Being part of a sports club is quite competitive but when you’re going up against your rivals, it makes it more interesting. There’s a bit more support from the university when you’re going against your rivals. The whole university comes together. Karate is also special because you get to punch your rivals.”

Are you pleased with Super Wednesday?

JG: “Yes, very pleased. We felt a bit left out last year. All of the smaller clubs did their own things – now we feel as though we’re contributing towards Varsity.”

Which other events are you going to?

JG: “I’ve got a season ticket so I’ll be going to most. I’m looking forward to ice-hockey and basketball.”

Are you feeling confident for the University of Nottingham?

JG: “Yes, I think we’re generally better than Trent.”

Varsity Karate is part of our second Super Wednesday, on Wednesday 4th May, at the Lee Westwood Sports Centre.

Interview conducted by Connor Higgs

Words by Tamsin Parnell

Image: Impact Image Team

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