NTU snatch Archery victory as final Super Wednesday goes to the wire

The University of Nottingham (UoN) Archery Team were narrowly defeated in the final event of the April Super Wednesday competition, with Nottingham Trent University (NTU) bringing up their only point of the Super Wednesday competition and narrowly avoiding an unprecedented UoN whitewash.

It was a sizzling start to an evening of University of Nottingham Sport with UoN Archery holding the first ever varsity Archery event. The event was set up with the spectators in mind with each competing archers shooting one at a time. The team was ranked according to skill with a team set at the end.

The Maiden Varsity Archery Team.

The Maiden Varsity Archery Team.

The first event was the Novice Male skill set, with Joss Sibbering and Michael Walters bringing the team to an early 1:0 lead. Soon after, NTU brought the set to a tie with a bull’s eye. Walters and Sibbering rounded up the final set score to 2:1 with a brilliant finish.

The next set was the Novice Female skill set with Rachael Armitage and Ieva Lipska leading UoN to another set victory. The set started with a beautiful shot from Rachael Armitage after which NTU scored a point. The set ended 3:2 for UoN.

The next set was the Experienced Female category, with Charlotte Rossetti, Lizzie Elmer and Sophie Goodwin. The first set ended with Lizzie Elmer gaining a point for UoN, bringing the total score to 4:2. The following sets gained each side a point with the total standing at 5:3.

The penultimate set for the event was the Experienced Male. NTU gained a point in the first round while the following two sets were won by UoN with a stellar performance by Harry Ives-Keeler bring the total score to 6:4. NTU won the last set bringing the total to 6:5.

Novice Male Archer Joss Sibbering.

Novice Male Archer Joss Sibbering.

The last set was the team set with Harry Ives-Keeler and Sophie Goodwin representing UoN. At this point the game was looking to be in UoN’s favour, with 6 of the 7 points already in their bag, but the final set was a showdown of a lifetime with the score tying at 6:6 at the end. The set went into a tie and a sudden death round was implemented. Keller and Goodwin matched NTU shot for shot, but it was not meant to be. NTU won the penalty 6:7, therefore winning their first point of Super Wednesday.

Novice Male Team Roster:

Joss Sibbering

Michael Walters


Novice Female Team Roster

Rachael Armitage

Ieva Lipska


Experienced Female Team Roster

Lizzie Elmer

Charlotte Rossetti

Sophie Goodwin


Experienced Male team Roster

Bryan Hoadley

Luke Frearson

Harry Ives-Keeler

Words by Sanchari Ranerjee and Dimeji Soleye

Images: IMPACT Images

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