UoN Dodgeball keep Super Wednesday white-wash hopes alive with big win

The University of Nottingham (UoN) Dodgeball Team ran rampant against the Nottingham Trent University (NTU) Dodgeball Team to win to bring up UoN’s 8th point of Super Wednesday, and keep alive hopes of an unprecedented 9-0 whitewash for UoN

The fast-paced, almost ephemeral sport of Dodgeball was the most entertaining, and the varsity match provided buckets of that. The deafening blows to the ground made way for a resounding victory in all of the matches UoN Dodgeball played.

The format of the game was quite simple, with the team gaining 2 points for each player of the opposite team they knock out. Least to say, UoN knocked all of the opposing players out with exceptional ease.


The first set was the mixed event where UoN took an early lead, scoring 2 points right off the ground. NTU caught level soon, hitting UoN out for their first point, bringing the score to 2:2. In the following few minutes, UoN garnered a conclusive lead of 8:2 with some brilliant hits. Soon enough, the event was over, with UoN winning with a score of 10:2.

The next event was the varsity women’s team faceoff, where again UoN found an early lead and breezed through their competition. The final score for this event was a decisive 14:1. Big congratulations to Kathryn Thomas for leading her team to a great victory.

The last event for the day was the Men’s varsity Dodgeball, with James Patrick giving a stellar performance. UoN quickly gained an unassailable lead and went to gain a resounding victory in all three Dodgeball events.

Dodgeball 2

This being the last event of Super Wednesday, Dodgeball gained us a well-earned point. The current Super Wednesday points tally is 8:1 and the Varsity points are 2:1 going into the events of the weekend.

Words by Sanchari Banerjee and Dimeji Soleye

Images: IMPACT Images Team

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