Silver Headlines: Promoting Wellness Not Success

When the news is filled with stories that can depress even the most optimistic person, Impact Features writers are searching for the stories that will make you smile.

Law Soc have put together a ‘wellness week’ to promote strong mental well-being during the revision period in the lead up to exams. This time of year is one of high stress for many students, and this week of events is intended to act as a way to de-stress and learn ways to lower anxiety levels.

The week of events includes a bouncy castle complete with sumo wrestling suits, a milkshake bar, a crafternoon and much more. Law Soc has teamed up with other societies from Knit-a-Soc to Massage Soc and Nightline to help promote other societies students may not have considered being involved in. The afternoon of tea and cake with Nightline is particularly positive, as this allows students to meet volunteers in an informal setting and find out more about how they help support students by lending a listening ear. If that wasn’t enough, there is also a puppy room which not only raises money for guide dog charities but also allows students to have a cuddle.

We spoke to Rebecca Barry, welfare officer of Law Soc, about the importance of the ‘wellness week’ initiative. She told Impact that she thought all of the events were a great way to relax during the exam period; whether it be trying out something entirely new just for fun, or engaging in mindfulness techniques to steady stress levels.

“It is vital to afford students the opportunity to relax and develop skills to take care of their own mental well-being”

Law students in particular are often waist deep in study and the high expectations expected from such a high pressured degree can be overwhelming. Rebecca told Impact, “Students hardly ever take time for themselves. So, we give them the opportunity to do so.” Although the events are being run by Law Soc, they are aimed at students from all disciplines.

It is vital to afford students the opportunity to relax and develop skills to take care of their own mental well-being. What is really inspiring is to see fellow students ensuring we all get the support we need. University is not just about the degree classification you achieve, it’s about so much more.

It is easy to see why ‘wellness week’ is a Silver Headline. All of the events are fun, light-hearted and a great way to let off steam as a break from revision. On top of that, there are also some essential lessons to learn about mental well-being. The promotion of these events helps students to feel they are not alone and ensures the services available to them are made known. The more we talk about mental wellness, the more we lessen the stigma.

So, do your mind a favour and take a break from the books. Wellness comes before success.

For more information about ‘wellness week’ visit the SU website.

Beth Webb-Strong

Image: Pierre Wolfer via Flickr

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