Inferno Competition: The Hall Of Flames

How much would you pay for the best pizza of your life? At Inferno, you only pay £7.95.

Since opening its first (and only) location in Nottingham last year, Inferno’s done a brilliant job at combining the speed of fast-food with the quality of casual dining, to bring something new and exciting to the pizza-world of Nottingham. It is the only place in the city – as far as we know – where you can customise your own pizza with unlimited fresh toppings, made literally in front of your eyes.

Inferno lets you fulfill your deepest (and darkest) pizza fantasies with their freshly-made, stone-baked pizzas with unlimited (yes, that actually means unlimited) toppings, all for under £8. No catches, that’s one 11-inch pizza with everything and anything that your heart desires on it. The dough is made fresh on site with an abundance of sauces, cheeses, vegetables and meats on offer: from goats’ cheese to ricotta, artichokes, butternut squash, salami and sausages that we had never even heard of. With over fifty toppings to choose from, you are spoilt for choice. The dips are fantastic too, the garlic & herb and BBQ sauce especially, but go easy on the spice: we got a bit too excited with the extra jalapeños and spicy sauce.


Frankly, we think it’s the best pizza you’ll have in Nottingham. Why? Because, it is ‘made’ by the best person who can possibly make it: you. You choose exactly what and how much you want. Sure, it’s no Italy but only you know what you really like on your pizza. So, if you finally want to try that olive and pineapple combination with gorgonzola cheese and guacamole on top, then hey, you go for it. Inferno doesn’t judge, Inferno only makes your pizza dreams become a reality.


Now, they’ve launched they’re brand new competition: The Hall of Flames. In other words, your weird and wonderful pizza creations could end up on their menu, if deemed worthy. Here’s what you need to do:


Here’s one that we created. We call it the ‘So right, but so wrong’:


The staff are enthusiastic and customer-focused; they’ve probably seen it all already so, again, you don’t need to worry about your questionable toppings. Naturally, being a ‘fast-casual’ establishment, it is a different kind of dining experience: no table-service etc. That said, if you like pizza and variety, you will love Inferno.

Overall, great quality and great value. Definitely worth a visit (or five).

Zenab Haq

Images by Inferno and Zenab Haq

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