UoN Rowers kick off Super Wednesday 2 with clean sweep

The University of Nottingham (UoN) Rowing Team took the first point of Super Wednesday 2 with a clean sweep of victories over Nottingham Trent University (NTU), including a photo-finish in the Men’s race.

On a beautiful morning on the banks of the River Trent, the Men’s and Women’s reserves took their races early on, to show the class in the UoN team. The course ran from the suspension bridge to the Lady Bay Bridge, where the UoN Boating House was situated.

The Women’s race was won emphatically by the UoN ladies, who had sewn up the race by the time they had crossed the Trent Bridge and onto the final straight, as they were cheered on by the Green and Gold fans.


The men’s race, in contrast, was a much tighter affair. With the Trent men leading by half a length at halfway, it all looked ominous for the men in green.

The photo-finish was analysed, and it was confirmed that the UoN men had staged a terrific fight-back

However, a supreme fight-back against the back-drop of cheers from the crowd meant that the two teams were neck and neck coming up to the finish line, with no-one sure of who had won.


The photo-finish was analysed, and it was confirmed that the UoN men had staged a terrific fight-back, to complete the clean-sweep of victories in the event, and give UoN their first point of the Second Super Wednesday.

Ben Glover, a member of the Men’s Team, said: “It was good to maintain our winning streak. We didn’t have the best race, but we did it in the end!

“It’s been a great week after some fantastic results in BUCS at the weekend, so we’re feeling good!”


Men’s Rowing Team

UoNBC ft’in” kg
Thomas Glover 6’1” 71.9
James Budenberg 6’2” 71.9
Alex Douglas 6’3” 80.9
Oliver Daly 6’3” 80.4
Peter Boyes 6’5” 81.4
William Aldridge 6’4” 86.9
Robert Muscroft 5’11” 71.9
Adam Giambrone © 6’1” 72.6
Holly Stead 5’6” 59.0
  6’1” 75.2



Women’s Rowing Team

UoNBC ft’in” kg*
Rebecca Traylen 5’8”  
Salome Sanchez 5’9”  
Freya George 5’8”  
Grace Bolton 5’7”  
Eleanor Russell 5’11”  
Amber Hickson 5’10”  
Eleanor Ball 5’11”  
Jessica Eastwood © 5’8”  
Georgia Bacon 5’2”  
  5’8” 69.4


Reserve Men’s Team:

UoNBC ft’in” kg
Robert Proud 6’0” 72.6
Lawrie Cate 5’11” 73.1
Richard Dowell 6’0” 72.2
Alex Leen 6’4” 87.9
Ben Lapham 5’11” 75.1
Jarvis Conybear 6’4” 83.2
Liam McLaughlin 6’0” 90.9
Chris Brittain © 6’2” 72.2
Stephanie Chapman 5’9” 61.7
  6’1” 76.5


Women’s Reserve Team:

UoNBC ft’in” kg*
Natasha Stewart 5’4”  
Federica Williamson 5’8”  
Rebecca Anderson 5’6”  
Bea Harrington 5’7”  
Hannah Dobb 5’6”  
Grace Lodge 6’3”  
Arielle Torres 5’7”  
Bethany Milton © 5’11”  
Resham Khan 5’3”  
  5’7” 68.1


Words by Connor Higgs

Images: Connor Higgs

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