E3 2016 Roundup: EA

*EA conference was technically a separate event in London titled EA Play.

EA started off E3 season in 2016 with a (flash)bang, showing off the debut trailer to the sequel to the popular mecha-FPS game Titanfall. Titanfall 2 adds 6 new Titan variations to the gameplay and a single player campaign to the game. The story pits rifleman Jack Cooper and his newly-linked Titan against hordes of troops, putting the focus on the deepening relationship between soldier and robot. Titanfall 2 comes out October 28, 2016 for PS4, Xbox 1 and PC.

Mass Effect: Andromeda then brought viewers to a futuristic world of space colonisation. Andromeda marks a return to franchise roots, with series-defining experiences such as riding a buggy across the planet surface returning, as well as debuting a new protagonist. The new game will be powered by EA’s Frostbite Engine, and does not have a release date yet.

Mass Effect: Andromeda… does not have a release date yet”

The yearly FIFA football series had a great surprise for the old guard and new players. Apart from returning modes, FIFA 17 debuts a story mode titled The Journey, which follows Alex Hunter, a player about to debut in the Premier League and his struggles in this wider world of football. The game overhauls key systems and places a heavier emphasis on football managers as well. The game did not have an announced release date during the show.

“FIFA 17… did not have an announced release date”

EA then teased several upcoming Star Wars games, including a Star Wars Battlefront sequel, a Playstation VR controlled X-Wing game, several mobile titles and a new third-person game by Visceral Games.

Battlefield 1 was up next, bringing the setting back from modern day to the trench warfare days of World War 1. Players can utilise vehicles such as airships, armoured trains and battleships in order to gain an edge against the opponent, or choose to charge to the frontlines on a horse instead. The game features dynamic weather that changes the tactics used in multiplayer maps. Along with a new trailer were the announcement of a beta for Battlefield Insiders and a release date of October 21, 2016.

“Battlefield 1… [has a] release date of October 21, 2016”

Peppered throughout the conference were announcements of new initiatives, for players and people alike. This was shown by EA funding a new 3-tier eSports system, a charity initiative titled ‘Play to Give’ where EA will donate one million dollars to charity while including updates for games such as Battlefield Hardline with new objectives as well. Finally, EA also showed their support for indie studios and games that deserve attention through the new ‘EA Originals’ line of games, starting with the artistic, Journey-like game Fe.

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