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Fire breaks out in derelict building on Radmarsh Road

A fire occurred at 7.20pm on Sunday 10th July 2016 on the west end of Jubilee Campus, Radmarsh Road.

The fire broke out in a derelict building right next to UNITE STUDENTS accommodation. The incident brought on a full crime scene and fire investigation, and students were evacuated for their safety.

Although the fire was described as “well alight” by station manager Andy Macey when crews arrived, the fire response team managed to contain the fire so it did not spread to the accommodation and no students were injured. The fire took over an hour to fully extinguish and fire and crime scene investigation teams are still working to determine the cause today.


Although Nottinghamshire Police has not confirmed that the fire is being treated as suspicious and has provided no details about its origin, staff and students on Jubilee Campus have expressed their concerns to Impact due to other fires in the area, such as the factory fire on the April 27th which saw two arrests for suspected arson.

More to follow.

Update: Nottinghamshire Police has confirmed to Impact that there have been no arrests and no injuries. It is yet to be determined by the fire service report whether or not the fire is suspicious.

Dale Claridge

Images: Dale Claridge

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