Nottingham taken over by protests for second day

Nottingham City Centre has been dominated by protests for the second consecutive day due to a planned English Defence League march.

Around 100 police officers lined the streets between the Brian Clough statue, the Theatre Royal and Victoria Centre as protestors from the English Defence League (EDL) clashed with members of a counter-protest.

The EDL protestors, far fewer in number than those who protested against them, held up an England flag with ‘EDL’ written on it in black writing. They were chanting “EDL” intermittently.

“One police officer was hit by a flying egg”

At one point, counter protestors had to move backwards after members of the EDL collective began throwing bottles and eggs into the crowd. One police officer was hit by a flying egg.

King Street and Queen Street were both closed, with NCT passengers advised to catch their buses from outside Victoria Centre.

Nottingham’s Deliveroo beach was also closed to the public, a decision announced earlier in the week.

“”20 forces” had provided additional officers to “help keep Nottinghamshire safe””

Nottinghamshire Police revealed on Twitter that “20 forces” had provided additional officers to “help keep Nottinghamshire safe”.

They also announced that the decision was made to impose a Section 60AA Order in the city centre, which requires “face coverings worn to conceal somebody’s identity to be removed”.

The order was effective between 12.34pm and 8.34pm.

Two arrests were made “on suspicion of failing to remove a face covering”, Nottinghamshire Police later announced.

The EDL protestors moved on from the Brian Clough statue at 3.44pm to the sound of booing from the opposition.

More to follow.

Tamsin Parnell

Image: Raphaela Ring


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