Suffering from the mid-week blues? Allow yourself a few moments of wistful reminiscing. You’ve entered a new stage of life and it’s important to commemorate the change. What better way to do so than with day three of Impact Music‘s Freshers Playlists: Homesick. 

David Bowie – Changes

Look out, you rock ‘n rollers. Pretty soon now you’re gonna get older. Turn and face the strange changes that accompany moving out and remember to appreciate uni while it lasts!

Drake – Hold On, We’re Going Home

Bit early to go home to the rents, but if you do why not play this absolute banger on the way there. But really – don’t go or else your parents will get over excited and then baby you forever.

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

Careful with this one. This coming-of-age track is drenched in nostalgia. Enjoy the tune (it’s impossible not to), but try not to get too sentimental about childhood summers gone-by. Melancholy has no place in Freshers Week.

Kaiser Chiefs – Coming Home

If you’re really homesick, just think, it’s only a few months until the end of term and you can return home a triumphant university student having survived a whole three months of independence. And when you do, you deserve to cruise to this one. So, play this tune and think about the challenges you shall conquer.

Destiny’s Child – Bills, Bills, Bills

Of course, you miss the cosy atmosphere of home and the warm embrace of your lovely mum. But is it possible that you might also be pining for your once rent-free existence? It’s time to move on – you’re now an Independent Woman (or Man). Anyway, hasn’t your loan just come in?

Listen to the full playlist here.

Maddy Hay and Joshua Ogunmokun

Image courtesy of Piano Piano! via Flickr (CC Search)

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