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It is hard not to spend hours swiping through shop after shop on phone and tablet application, Depop. As well as being financially unsustainable, it does tend to serve as a monumental distraction. Here at Impact Style, we have solved all of your problems and found, what we consider to be, ten of the best shops on the application. Gents, you might want to have your wallets at the ready!

Cosmic Saint (@cosmicsaint)

Although Cosmic Saint sells anything from floral shirts to denim dungarees, it is their logo t-shirts, sports jerseys and reconstructed flannel shirts that rise above all other shops on Depop.

Oliver Proudlock (@proudlock)

Even if you are not a fan of his appearance in the reality TV show about the superrich, Made In Chelsea, you have to admit Oliver Proudlock has style. Now it is possible to buy items from the wardrobe of the TV star directly.

Hooked (@hookedbhm)

Student loan a bit stretched? Got your eyes on those trainers you keep seeing in the shops? The great news? Hooked sells some of the top trainers for prices that are more in keeping with a student budget.


Merchant’s Corner (@merchantscorner)

Baja hoodies, multicolored shorts and vintage jeans are just some of the items that you can find on Merchant’s Corner. You can even find a faux fur coat, if you are feeling inspired by Macklemore circa the Thrift Shop days.

Newstead Grove (@newsteadgrove)

As a shop local to Nottingham, Newstead Grove has everything that you will have seen frequently around the University campus.

North Workshop (@northworkshop)

North Workshop is not only great for outerwear, tops and jeans but it also sells all the men’s accessories that you could want. Definitely the place to head for a baseball cap.


Mikko Puttonen (@mikkoputtonen)

Prefer the sleek, tailored look? Then you should definitely head over to Mikko Puttonen’s self-titled shop, where the fashion blogger offers an extensive collection of stylish clothes in monochrome and neutral tones.

The Emporium (@kittynuggets)

Are you a fan of bold shirts and vintage denim? The Emporium is the place to find both of these things for extremely reasonable prices.


UN:IK Clothing (@unikclothing)

UN:IK Clothing is a shop that specialises in selling collections by emerging streetwear designers. Be the first to wear some of these up and coming labels.

Atik Vintage (@robin_page)

Tom Townsend and Robin Page have joined forces to bring the world of Depop a superb selection of vintage streetwear garms. As with some of the shops on the list, there is some things for the ladies on Atik Vintage.

Jo Grimwood

Featured Image: ‘Eddy Milfort’ via Flickr

Depop Images: @hookedbhm, @northworkshop, @kittynuggets

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