Green and GOLD: Trent Building illuminated for Team Rossi Foundation

The University of Nottingham is green and gold! The Students’ Union is lighting the Trent Building tower gold until the end of September.

Home of the School of English and CLAS (Cultures, Languages and Area Studies), the Trent Building tower is being illuminated to raise awareness for the Team Rossi Foundation. The Team Rossi Foundation is a local charity which helps local children with cancer enjoy a better life.

Ismail Sadurdeen, President of the Students’ Union, said: “This idea was brought to our attention by our students, and the Students’ Union is very happy to support this awareness campaign by Team Rossi Foundation.

“This supplements the great work our University is doing on breast cancer research through 6”.

“Not enough realise a gold ribbon is exactly the same but for childhood cancer”

The Team Rossi Foundation aims to raise awareness for children suffering with cancer, noting:

“A lot of people recognise the pink ribbon as representing breast cancer, but not enough realise a gold ribbon is exactly the same but for childhood cancer; we are trying to change all that”.

The Trent Building joins other locations across the U.K. that are lighting up during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, including the London Eye and Edinburgh Castle.

Steven Green

Image: @scsharples via Twitter

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