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If you are a first year at the University of Nottingham, you may have noticed that in the first week themed costumes tend to be advised. Although you might not be able to get your finest threads out quite yet, you can achieve the perfect makeup with the help of these ten beauty artists.

For those returning to the University of Nottingham, the first week is the calm before the storm, and one of the only chances you will have to make it out every night of the week. Not to mention, you will finally be reunited with Crisis and Ocean, after a long summer apart. These ten blogs will provide you with a wide selection of beauty products and application techniques to try out before you have to return to the confinements of Hallward.

Beauty is Boring

Founded by esteemed makeup artist and photographer Robin Black, ‘Beauty is Boring’ has exponentially grown to become one of the most popular beauty blogs in the world. Despite being a leading expert in the beauty industry, with accolades including spreads in Vogue, Black manages to conduct her tutorials in an inclusive manner for those less adept at makeup artistry.

Check out: “Urban Decay X Beauty Is Boring, Look #1”

Everything Bobbi

From the creator of the beloved makeup brand, Bobbi Brown, ‘Everything Bobbi’ is a fantastic way to learn how common beauty products, Bobbi Brown or otherwise, were intended to be used.

Check out: “Retouching 101”

Madeleine Loves

‘Madeleine Loves’ is a marvelous blog to get information on pretty much anything about beauty. Whether you are looking for tips on hair, makeup or bath products, London based Madeleine Spencer has got you covered.

Check out: “All the September Launches You Need to Know About”

Lisa Eldridge

Whether you are an amateur or an expert at makeup application, Lisa Eldridge has tutorials for all abilities. As an artist who is responsible for looks that have graced the covers of publications such as Vogue, Lisa Eldridge has an innate ability at helping beginners to perfect complex techniques.

Check out: “Opulent Burgundy and Berry Makeup Look Using Organic, Natural Colour”

Pixi Woo

Sisters are doing it for themselves; Sam and Nic Chapman are no exception to this rule. The duo, who have worked within the industry for a combined total of four decades, post reviews on beauty products and detailed tutorials on how to achieve a range of looks.

Check out: “The Make-up I Wore to School”

London Beauty Queen

Hayley Carrs reviews of beauty products are in-depth, honest and thoroughly researched. This is the perfect accompaniment to your visits to Boots in Portland. On top of this, the social media expert and brand consultant occasionally offers written, step by step guides to the application of makeup.

Check out: “How to Create a Foolproof Smokey Eye”

I Covet Thee

I Covet Thee is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog that boasts stunning photography and humorous writing. Although the products that are included tend to be on the pricier side, a girl can always dream (or spend their student loan on them anyway).

Check out: “A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Tanning”

A Model Recommends

It is always recommended to go straight to the source. This blog is no different. Ruth Crilly has combined her job as a model and passion as writer to create a magnificent beauty blog.

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The Sunday Girl

‘The Sunday Girl’ does not offer tutorials in makeup application but truthful reviews of a wide range of beauty products. It is almost certain that you will find yourself in agreement with the evaluations, if you have had an opportunity to use the products already.

Check out: “What Beauty Bloggers Really Buy from EBay”

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Photo Credit: Maria Morri via Flickr

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