Clarks Has Upped Their Game in the Footwear Department

What was once deemed as a place to find school shoes or granny slippers is now the place to be.

With autumn fast approaching – and with the lovely rain making an appearance on a regular basis– it’s officially time to put your summery shoes away and dust off the good ol’ heavy-duty boots you have in the back of your cupboard. Or alternatively, you could treat autumn as the perfect excuse to give your shoe collection a complete overhaul. You know you want to!

Enter Clarks – a place that was once the shop of your childhood nightmares – “No, mum, I do NOT want those super comfortable, super boring black shoes. I want the ones with LIGHTS on them!” However, the footwear retailer is now a beacon of soft, comfortable, sophisticated styles that’ll suit any occasion. Heels? Check. Trainers? Check. Boots-that-will-look-good-but-won’t-kill-your-feet-while-walking-around-the-dreaded-hills-of-campus? Check.

The Autumn/Winter 2016 catwalks saw plenty of your all time faves – with chunky buckles, pretty platforms, and long, knee-high boots proving that they’re here to stay. But, there’s no point in paying a ginormous amount of your student loan on shoes that wont last.

That’s why Clarks is so brilliant – they’ve amped up their game on the style front since our primary school days and are notorious for having the best-fitted shoes on the block. They have different fits for every kind of foot you could possibly think of, which is great for those of us who need slightly skinnier or chunkier shoes than are available with generic sizes.


If you do fancy a trip down to Clarks this season, why not try Impact Style’s top picks:

The Army Boot

It’s all about embracing androgyny and stepping in style with these ultra-casual boots. They offer a slightly more delicate twist on the chunky black boots seen on the AW16 DKNY catwalk, plus, they boast a classic look that won’t go out of style any time soon, while the real leather means you can wear them in the rain! Just in case you needed another reason to grab these shoes from the shelves right this second – the shoes are also lined with a warm material to keep your tootsies feeling nice and cosy in the winter.

The Brogue

Who doesn’t love a good brogue? Available in wide fit and with Clarks’ Cushion Plus technology in the sole, these timeless shoes à la Damir Doma AW16 are a perfect option for walking around campus like the sophisticated swan that you are.

The Sneaker

The rise of the sneaker trend has been no hidden secret – so step on it (yes, pun intended) with this chic addition to your shoe collection, stat! Although Clarks do offer a vast array of designs, this particular futuristic, spacey, silver style is perfect for a night out at your favourite club.

Humeara Mohamed (, @humeara)

Image Credit: Zach Zupanci via Flickr. License available here.

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