How to Look Haute this Halloween

It’s Halloween season! Easily one of the best things about Autumn, and nothing makes it more exciting than finding the perfect costume. Now I don’t know about you, but I think the best looks for a night out are those that kill “gothic chic”. The end of October gives us one night where anyone can be extra “out-there”. 

Whether you go full-out or low-key, always aim to find alternative ways to put your look together and ALWAYS avoid those packaged costumes. This way there’s no chance anyone will be wearing the identical outfit and you can enjoy your night out without worrying about meeting your twin in the loo of the club. Here are a couple of stylish looks to help you dream up the perfect outfit for Halloween night.

“We guarantee you will be wickedly chic!”

Take this two-piece ensemble. Paired with a pair of thigh high boots to show off those pins and a serpentine theme, it is twist on your typical witch. If you’re really feeling it, pop on a pair of fishnets and a wide-brimmed hat… We guarantee you will be wickedly chic!


Alternatively, for something less revealing (and let’s be honest, a little warmer!), body suits are a classic no brainer. Usually, you can get these with a skeleton pattern or you can even pimp up a plain black one with glitter and add a thick black choker to any look to really work that gothic vibe.

If you really want to bring your H-game, here are a few make-up ideas that will amp up your look. It takes time to master the perfect costume and it is essential that your face matches your effort. If anything, your makeup should be paid more attention, especially if you’re going for a more understated outfit. Here are a few looks to give you some inspiration from innocent red riding hood to the sexy skull…


This look is for those who like a little less glam on their face and will come in handy for those who started getting ready a little too late into the night. A pale, bare-faced look with delicate eye make-up and pale lips will give you that cute-but-crazy look.


For those who are a bit more daring, go crazy with this colourful graffiti inspired look. Instead of looking like a killer clown (they’re so passe) you’ll look like one artsy goddess. Swabbing on some funky, bright coloured mascara will be a sure way to catch someone’s eye.


Here is more of a “pretty” option for you kitties. Keeping your outfit minimal and your makeup heavy and dark is a great way to avoid looking too “costumed”. Make your eyes as dark and as smokey as you can with a thick mauve lip to get the ultimate sexy kitty look.


Obviously a skull never runs out of date, but making sure you stand out among all the other skulls is the key. Take this idea of half-and-half… not only does it cut down time spent on getting ready, but you can also give someone a shock at the bar when you turn around!

Poppy Malby 

Image Credit: John Althouse Cohen via Flickr – License

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