Playlist: Black History Month

Yeah, that Kent Union thing was kinda awkward innit. If you’re lost for some exceptional musicians of Afro-Carribean descent then as always, we have a playlist for that. With Black History Month coming to a close and the realisation that the world is in a very bleak place we thought we’d use this opportunity to celebrate black excellence.

Brownstone – If you love me

Ever wondered why Tory Lanez’s “Say it” sounds so familiar, well that’s because he sampled this old school RnB classic. It is clear a lot Tory’s music seems to be sampled from 90’s RnB and dancehall tracks.

Michael Jackson – Remember the time

I love everything that the late Michael Jackson’s hit and music video offers, which is based on the film ‘Coming to America’. This track came out in 1992 and went straight to Number One on the Billboard’s R&B singles chart.

The Internet – Special Affair

This track never seems to get old in my opinion, taken from their phenomenal Ego Death album last year. The U.S. band scored highest on the charts with this single in particular.

Wretch 32 – Antwi

Wretch 32 might just be the most underrated rapper in the world. In my opinion, he’s one of the greatest at what he does on the planet and definitely deserves more recognition.

Mr Eazi – Holl’ Up

The Afrobeats ruler of 2016, Mr Eazi has taken Africa by storm with his latest tracks. Holl’ Up is a standout track produced by the talented Juls. 


Dave – Picture Me

At just 18 Dave is more creative and original than half the UK scene, earning recognition from artists ranging from Landlord Giggs to Drake, who recently remixed his single ‘Wanna Know’.
‘Picture Me’ is an incredibly motivational song that asks the listener some very important questions. I challenge you to listen to this song and not re-evaluate your life.

Etta James – I’d rather go blind

Released in 1968 but a timeless blues and soul classic, which paved the way for RnB artists of today.

Kendrick Lamar – i

This track is proving to be timeless in my opinion. Kendrick uses an Iseley Brothers sample to remind people that self-love is crucial.

Bob Marley – Buffalo Soldier

What’s any playlist without a bit of Bob Marley? Released after his untimely death, Buffalo soldier became one of Bob Marley’s most widely recognised songs after its release on his posthumous record entitled Confrontation.

Fela Kuti – Water No Get Enemy

If you don’t know who Fela Kuti is Google it. I can’t fit greatness into a couple of sentences, sorry.

That’s just a sample of the great musicians we could be celebrating this month and the full playlist on Spotify is just a bigger small sample, but to quote the late great Hannah Montana “Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days.”

Amani Dauda and Joshua Ogunmokun

Image Courtesy of Danny PiG via Flickr. License here.

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