This Little Piggy Went to (a Vegan) Market…

As part of my current attempt to go vegan (watch this space!), I visited Nottingham’s very own vegan market in Sneinton. It is held on the first Saturday of every month from 11am until 3pm and aims to support the vegan community – producers, traders and customers.

My first impression was that it was a rather small market, although that does not mean it isn’t worth visiting! There was a surprisingly diverse range of stalls, offering vegan alternatives to cheese, meat and best of all – cake.

14555596_10209807565041043_287982844_nI admit I did make a beeline for the cake stall (who wouldn’t), and was not disappointed. As well as a spectacular-looking banana 14543606_10209807563881014_2052595497_nand salted caramel cake and some huge wedges of brownies, there was a large variety of doughnuts (hallelujah). Flavours included strawberry cheesecake, toffee popcorn and cherry bakewell.

I chose a s’mores-esque style doughnut, smothered in brownie bits on top, with a dollop of marshmallow fluff and a drizzle of toffee sauce. It was delicious, and for all you sceptics out there – it tasted just like a normal doughnut!

This stall also sold some vegan pastries, such as sausage rolls, while there was another stall which specialised in pies (being vegan was starting to seem less restrictive to me now).

There were also a few street food vans selling the usuals such as burgers and curry. Who says you can’t get your fast food fix on a vegan diet?14568997_10209807564641033_1447051099_n

Inspired by all this, I decided to buy a vegan recipe book so I can cook myself something other than beans on toast and ward off scurvy. However, nothing I cook will be as good as the food you can get here at the Sneinton vegan market – I feel that I may make the monthly pilgrimage now…

If you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or just a curious foodie, I highly recommend you head over to this market and check out the delicious food they have on offer!

Ruth Pengelly

Images: Ruth Pengelly

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