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Trailer Watch – A Series of Unfortunate Events

It’s been a long time coming for fans of the series, but Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events is now almost here. And it looks fantastic.

The story of the Baudelaire orphans has fascinated children in book form for well over a decade, but after being adapted as a film in 2004, it has arguably finally got the treatment it deserves; the time and scope of a TV series to fully flesh out and explore the story of Violet, Klaus, and Sunny, and the horrible Count Olaf. This trailer is a proper look at how the series will appear in its Netflix incarnation, and there’s a lot to look forward to.

First of all, Count Olaf. Neil Patrick Harris has already shown himself to be more than capable of playing the nefarious villain, mastermind of many outrageous plans and disguises, but this trailer solidifies the certainty that he will be amazing in the role. His characterisation of Olaf is brilliant, and it bodes well for the production as a whole.

Although Harris steals the show in the trailer, the other actors are also worth mentioning. The three orphans at the centre of the plot, though we haven’t yet properly seen them in action, have a lot of potential; from the hints of what we see them doing, I am sure they will be excellent. (And are Malina Weissman and Emily Browning related? They seriously look alike…) There are also a couple of other faces you might recognise in the supporting cast, so acting-wise the series looks set to be brilliant.

The other stand out thing about this trailer is the comedy factor, and already, there is the suggestion that, as hoped, the series is going to be hilarious. From Count Olaf’s online purchase to the ridiculous competition for the biggest and best weapon, Lemony Snicket’s characteristic absurdity and humour is clearly displayed, promising an entertaining and funny adaptation.

Though Netflix and Lemony Snicket try to put us off, I know I for one can’t wait until the series becomes available online: 13th January 2017, for those of you wondering.

Isobel Sheene

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