Impact Style Goes to: The Vintage Kilo Sale

On Sunday 29th January, the travelling Vintage Kilo Sale Fair made its way to Nottingham Trent’s Student Union to be enjoyed by locals and students who fancied shopping for some wavy garments.

By 11am, the queue was already spiraling around the student’s union. Considering most of these eager people were potentially dealing with a hangover from the night before, I’d say it was good going.


Unlike a lot of vintage fairs, the Kilo Sale was well-ordered, meaning less time sifting through things and more time buying clothes! Whether you like patterned flannel shirts or faux fur coats, it had it all. I mustn’t forget to mention the tubs dense with vintage American team shirts, ranging from golf to football! They may have Trump but they still play good sports.


The way the Kilo Sale works is that everyone is given a bag (or several) upon arrival, which they can then fill up. Once you’ve finally reached the end of the shop, you weigh your bag on one of the scales and the price is determined by the weight. This great system makes you feel like you can spend much more than perhaps you planned to, which incidentally I may have done.


On top of the weigh and pay scheme, they also sell individually priced items ranging from paisley printed shirts to reworked denim jackets.

Pretty much all the clothing was unisex with no divide between the genders; it took a much more modern approach than many clothing fairs!


If the clothing wasn’t your thing, there was a ‘bits and bobs’ stands with key-rings, jewellery, broaches and watches, which involved me trying on every ring on display.

The Vintage Kilo Sale will now make its way around Oxford, Sheffield, Cardiff, Reading and many other places. If you didn’t catch it in Nottingham this time around, be prepared for March 19th when the Vintage Kilo Sale will return to the same location.


Find the upcoming events on The Vintage Kilo Sale’s Facebook page.

Emma-Jane Walker 

Image Credit: Jo Grimwood

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