New Year, New Shelfie, New You: Part One

Image credit: Lizzie Robinson

With the New Year upon us, Impact Arts decided to give you some inspiration of how to pimp up your bookshelf to make it as fly as you are, adding some life lessons into the mix.


Image credit: Anna Seton

An exotic traveller, the elephant and French postcards hint at past travels. Clearly not limited to books, this individual is a Bond film fan. We love the combination of different cultures and colours, which can spice up even the most bland of student shelves. This shelf is an inspiration to us all – don’t let tight student budgets hold you back from travelling the world.

Image Credit: Jake Pitchers

Image credit: Jake Pitchers

Evidently a Steven King Fan. What a refreshing change from the classic-crowded bookshelves of an Arts student. This shelf clearly belongs to a dedicated beach lover, considering all the ornaments relating to sand and the seaside. Another reminder that classic novels aren’t everything – modern writing can be as good as, or even better too!


Image credit: Serena Tam

A classy perfectionist, every book has its unique place and there’s also a fancy edition, bought most likely from Waterstones. Her bookshelf obviously doubles up as a makeshift dressing table, evident from the gorgeous collection of Chanel make-up and perfume. From this, we take the fact that a good bookshelf, like you, should be good at multitasking, and demonstrate your taste for the finer things in life.

Image credit: Lizzie Robinson

Image credit: Lizzie Robinson

Clearly loving a bit of the bohemian chic style of life, there are more candles than books! The atmosphere clearly has to be perfect for reading here, hence the candles and coffee. Crafty and creative, this bookshelf embodies its owner’s love of decoupage and all things belly dance. Perhaps the true potential of this bookshelf can be seen when the lights go out. A life lesson for all of us.

Lizzie Robinson and Amy Wilcockson

Feature image credit: Lizzie Robinson


Watch this space for Part Two!

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