“You can’t comb over racism”: Nottingham Rallies Against Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’

Protesters gathered on King Street last night (30th Jan) to take a stand against Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ executive order.

The legislation has been described as a ‘Muslim ban’ as it involves suspending people from Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Iran and Yemen, all of which are devout Islamic countries.


Hundreds of Nottingham citizens joined the protest to express their disagreement with the ban, with speakers invited to lead the protests.


Over 900 people gathered around the Brian Clough statue, holding placards and singing protest songs.

Numerous protesters were horrified at the President’s decision to suspend the US Refugee Admissions programme for 120 days, including an indefinite ban on Syrian refugees.


University of Nottingham student Roshan Sathiakeerthy described the move as “a step back into American history”, telling Impact that they felt Trump’s political decisions resembled those following World War Two, furthering the implication that banning entire nations from entry into one country is an approach that does not belong in the modern world.


Beth Dear, also a student at the University,  stated that the aim of last night’s event was to prove that these racist and nationalist ideals “can be fought with grass roots activism” and stressed that “fighting for other ethnic groups” can force the government to act, something proven to be impossible if the public remain silent.

Holly Jenson 

Images: India Rose Meade via Facebook

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    1 February 2017 at 02:39
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    I don’t mind the hair coverings and mustaches on Muslim women, however I do mind how they treat gays and don’t drink or dance.

    The next time you get called a White-Nazi-racist by one of your hate filled, loving liberal friends, just remind them that Muslims are anti-abortion, pro-death penalty, anti-evolution, pro-censorship and don’t respect gays, LBHTs or progressive woman’s rights

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