Red Carpet Ready: Best Dressed – The SAG Awards

Politically charged speeches and questionable loser reactions weren’t the only bold and beautiful statements of the 23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards. Impact has been flicking through the red carpet and has selected some of the best dressed nominees from the night…


Claire Foy

Claire Foy bagged a very well-deserved best female actor award for her impeccable portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in ‘The Crown’. We adored her floral semi-sheer gown, which is beautifully paired with peaches and light pinks that combine tremendously in the collar. The earrings, modestly bright under the hair but nonetheless the reason the Valentino outfit becomes quite so extraordinary. This is how to wear pale without looking washed out.

A queen of fashion as well then!


Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams may not have won an award for her supporting role in ‘Manchester By The Sea’, for us however, she certainly fairs well in the battle of the striped dresses – probably the most apparent fashion trend of the night. Honestly, we could have done an entire article on the striped dresses.
Michelle’s Louis Vuitton number looked as though created for her silhouette. Add that to the sequined gold and metallic stripes that draw the eye up to a classically sexy but staple Williams choker and the pixie cut and you have a bold, beautiful and unique look.

Michelle Dockery

Michelle Dockery, however, cannot be ignored for her stripy appearance at the awards either. Though perhaps a safer statement than her fellow Michelle, Dockery shows a master class of well cut dresses here. The wonderfully bright pinks bring out the best in the actress whilst the thinner black stripes create a wonderful neckline that truly enhances her beautifully petite figure. A triumph for both Elle Saab and herself!

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman has faced mixed criticism for her dress at the awards ceremony. However, I love her look. The Dior Couture gown is beautiful to the eye, a luxurious off-white with oversized forearms that add a Renaissance aspect to the ensemble. I think that the sheer simplicity and the modesty of the cut shows Natalie Portman as nothing but beautiful. The earrings, enchanting eye make up and hair all wonderfully blend with the look too.



In all honesty, I was fairly disappointed with the men’s efforts this year. Many shapeless suits and carelessly matched pocket squares could be seen on the carpet. However, the diamonds in the rough were…

Rami Malek

Rami Malek was the cream of the crop. Dior’s new spokesmodel and the ‘Mr Robot’ star was waving the flag for men’s fashion more broadly, showing us that a black tuxedo is not essential, and that the ability to be brave is the most important part of any fashion statement. This houndstooth charcoal-grey suit with playful red stitching is kept in check via a black shirt. The entire outfit is flawlessly tailored: a serious yes from Impact.


Dev Patel

Dev Patel also avoided the classic black-tie by opting for a woolen navy three-piece. A military fit, complimenting watch and knowing which buttons to keep undone are exactly why the ‘Lion’ actor’s modest outfit looks the sleekest of them all.

Casey Affleck

Casey Affleck is the only person whose traditional black-tie outfit is worth mentioning. You won’t see a suit that fits this well anywhere else. Additionally, the slightly rugged and unkempt hair and beard are probably the reason a classic black-tie works so well – because it is still not entirely traditional. ‘Manchester by The Sea’s Affleck has simply mastered standing out, whilst – pretty much – fitting in.

As high-end fashion is very much hitting the teens now, the young actors on the carpet are really speaking for themselves stylistically. Here are two of the most stylish picks…

Caleb MacLaughlin

I’d argue Caleb MacLaughlin rivals anybody on the red carpet in his suit. A modernist two-tone striped suit is perfect on the youngster – a mature blend of playfulness, sophistication and sleekness; topping this off with black velvet slippers is a slight indulgence that looks absolutely top marks. And if his role in ‘Stranger Things’ is anything to go by, his acting is equally fresh.

Yara Shahidi

Another millennial at just sixteen years old brought her striped dress to the party also. A youthful dress dazzled with sequins and a modest, yet classy shaped dress show a real mature style. The ‘Black-ish’ actor rivaled the A-list in her dress.

Rhys Thomas

Image Credit: vaibhav ahuja via Flickr – License.

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