Impact on the Campaign Trail: Day 3

Day three of SU Election campaigning for the candidates and the campaigners are looking for new places to spread the word about their manifestos.

Outside of Hallward Library on this very sunny morning was Cassie O’Boyle (Education Officer candidate), who was handing out flyers to voters with one of her campaign team members. Impact asked Cassie how she felt campaigning had gone so far:

“It’s been really good […] I’ve got quite a good presence on campus, there’s quite a lot of my flyers everywhere”.

Cassie added that she had been speaking with a lot of students and getting good feedback.

On her trip to Ocean on Friday, she said that she had stayed until 4am and had been campaigning since 9am that day, but got her energy from the Baywatch Theme being played on the night.

About ten minutes later Martin Nguyen (Activities Officer candidate) appeared with a few members of his campaign team and took a few minutes out to speak with Impact.

He spoke about how much fun he’s been having so far during campaigning (especially during Ocean) and told Impact about how one of his banners had gone missing there:

“It was stolen by someone and hidden under their shirt, but it’s all good and we got it back” he joked.

Martin plans on visiting the Jubilee and Sutton Bonington campuses over the next two days and is looking forward to visiting the satellite campuses.

Finally, Impact met up with Sami Hawari (Community Officer candidate) in Portland who appeared to be getting ready for another busy day of campaigning.

He described the elections process so far as “good but very intense”, but said that he was learning a lot every day and getting the opportunity to meet a lot of new people.

During Ocean on Friday, he called it a “pretty wild” experience and got lots of pictures with the other candidates. His future plans are to visit SB and continue the work he has done so far.

Luke Norman

Images: Rhys Thomas for Impact Images

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