NYFW: Our Favourite Collections

February 9th-17th 2017 marked one of the biggest style events in the fashion industry’s calendar. It was New York’s 74th year of hosting their fashion week, an event that always has everyone talking, because of the runway presentations from new and upcoming designers, over-the-top trends and classy looks. From the hundreds of collections seen in this year’s runway, we have picked our top five favourites, to give you a small insight into the glamour and glory of this year’s Spring fashion!

The Row: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

This collection was designed by celebrity twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who are fairly new to the fashion industry, having only established their brand in 2006. It stole the hearts of the audience with its very simple but elegant looks. The runway consisted of outfits that were mostly black, white and beige with just a hint of colour, subtly creating strong and feminine looks. These basic colours were matched with simple outfit pieces, mainly consisting of everyday looks. These colour choices were reflected in the designers’ own clothing choices on the day – statement monochrome outfits.

Calvin Klein: Raf Simons

Designer Raf Simons, recently appointed Chief Creative Officer at the fashion house, assigned himself the task of re-thinking the aesthetic of Calvin Klein’s collections. He shifted the focus from similar looks on all models to an emphasis on individuality. Their previous homogenous looks were something the company frequently faced harsh criticism for. Conversely, this collection saw the emphasis on individuality and daywear, with smart blazers and trousers consisting of bright colours and metallics.

Tommy Hilfiger: In Collaboration with Gigi Hadid

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the few collections at NYFW that features both high-street and designer wear. Model Gigi Hadid worked as a collaborator on the collection, with her influence being seen in the focus on beachwear, a homage to her having grown up by the beach. Of course there was use of the American flag, and the brands famously unmistakable red, white and blue colours on almost every piece of clothing. These patriotic colours helped create a festival-like theme, with these being found on cropped tops, oversized jumpers and denim shorts.

Badgley Mischka: Mark Badgley and James Mischka

These two designers wanted the runway for this particular collection to be focused on women in the period between the two World Wars. Hence, the theme was power through femininity, and focus on this permeated through every piece of the collection. There were feminine looks in both classy evening wear and luxury daywear, including a beautiful but casual navy velvet tracksuit. Dark colours also featured in this collection, with deep red, dark navy and black being the base colours for many of the outfits.

Christian Siriano

This collection stood out from the rest in terms of its points of focus: women, equality and politics. Siriano paid as much attention to his fashion pieces as he did close scrutiny to his choice of models, with women of all sizes and ethnicities taking to the runway. Femininity and female power was portrayed through the collection’s use of colours, with reds and pinks being the most popular choice. Perhaps the most stand-out piece in the collection was the black and white statement t-shirt with the quote ‘people are people’: a direct response towards the political situation in America.

Charlotte Hegley and Emma Heasman

Image Credit: Kris Atomic via Unsplash

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