Spotlight on LGBT+ Instagram Fashion Icons

Fashion is, for some, the ultimate mode of self-expression, and as February is LGBT History month, what better way to combine the two than take a look at some amazing LGBT+ fashion inspiration? From celebrities to less well-known style icons, if you’re Instagram is running dry, take a look at the accounts below to refresh your feed!


Ruby Rose is one of the most famous gender non-conforming individuals in the media at the moment, and her style certainly explains a lot of it. Well-known for her androgynous looks and frankly effortless glamour, Ruby continues to floor with her amazing fashion choices. Her Instagram goes from red-carpet glamour looks to gym outfits, and frankly – she looks amazing in whatever she wears.


Famous for recently coming out as intersex, model Hanne Gaby Odiele’s Instagram is full of amazing glamour shots, behind-the-scenes snaps, and plenty of candids as well. Now an advocate for intersex individuals the world over, Hanne’s unique style is definitely one to watch, and her Instagram is full of reassuring posts and videos for intersex individuals who are struggling.


If you’re a sneaker enthusiast who loves a solid androgynous look, Lexine’s Instagram is for you! They rock comfy street style, and their sneaker game is definitely on-point – not to mention they have a really cute dog that pops up every now and then! A proud gal-lovin’-gal, Lexine is definitely one to check out if you like your footwear to speak for you.


If you’re a fan of the masculine look, then hautebutch is the one for you; lovely people in gorgeous suits as far as the eye can see! If you want some inspiration for formal wear, or just like looking at people in suits, then check this insta out!


Succesfully rocking the androgynous look, LP makes their fashion choices look easy. With looks ranging from suits and tie to pool wear, this insta has some fashion inspiration for everyone. Plus, they have a cat!


Based in chilly Copenhagen, Line takes effortless androgynous chic to the next level. Her Instagram alternates between pictures of her sweet dog, and snaps of her amazing style – a perfect blend, if you ask me!


With the aim of “promoting the gentlewoman”, theinvisibletomboy highlights some of the best in tomboy fashion. If you’re looking for some outfit inspiration, or just fancy perusing some really nice outfits, give them a follow – you won’t be disappointed!


Words cannot express how much I love this Instagram – so much self-love! Nikki’s account is a smorgasbord of plus-size, queer, femme fashion; the daring prints and beautiful fabric are a feast for the eyes. If you want some plus-size femme inspiration, Nikki is a great place to start!


Sky’s Instagram is, basically, creative expression in its most condensed form. Making gender non-conforming custom-made clothes has never looked so easy, or so much fun! A wonderful juxtaposition of pale pastels and alarming colour, this Instagram is gorgeous, and I recommend giving it a follow, if only for the gorgeous designs!


A wonderful, yet underappreciated Instagram account, Devyn’s Instagram is a mixture of an inspiring story of transition, suave fashion, and positivity! What more could you want? Definitely one to watch, give him a follow!

There you go… ten instagrams to refresh your feed if you’re in need of a little inspiration – there’s something for everyone! These people all express their identity through their fashion, in a way that is inspirational and admirable. Why not post some of your own queer fashion statements, and tag Impact mag in it?

Ellen Smithies

Image Credit: torbakhopper via Flickr – License.

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