SU Elections: Meet your 2017 Education candidates

During our SU Elections media day on Saturday 4th March, we chatted with the candidates hoping to be your 2017-18 Education Officer. Here’s what they had to say.

Cassie O’Boyle

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Cassie O’Boyle is a final year English and American Studies student, running for Education Officer.

Her experience, she tells us, gives her a good understanding of the role.

“I am currently the Faculty of Arts Rep and the Education Rep for American studies, which explains why I am running. This seems like a natural progression to me,” she explains.

Cassie continues: “I want to carry on the work that Education Officers have been doing, which has been pretty good. When I was a course rep, it spurred me on when I saw the impact [the Education Officer] could have.

“I have put so much thought into my manifesto that I think I can answer whatever is thrown at me”

“I managed to get a module changed which students had previously been unhappy with, leading to higher levels of student satisfaction”.

In her manifesto, Cassie is clear where she wants focus to lie. “My plan to reform the Extenuating Circumstances process is a policy that I can really bring to the fore myself”.

She tells us: “I have heard horror stories of people who have struggled with extenuating circumstances, often making their own circumstances worse”.

Cassie adds that she wants to emphasise the link between Welfare and Education. “Coming at it from an academic standpoint means I can focus on how it affects students’ academic performance,” she acknowledges.

Unlike some of the candidates, Cassie is not afraid to be held to account by her fellow students. “I’m really looking forward to Question Time”.

She concludes: “I’m excited to answer students’ questions, because I have put so much thought into my manifesto that I think I can answer whatever is thrown at me”.

Ben Lewis

Declan Greaves

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Declan Greaves is a fourth year Physics and Astronomy student who is running to be your Education Officer.

Declan believes he is the best candidate to make changes, having come to understand the University during his four years here.

He thinks that there is a notion that the Students’ Union doesn’t listen to points made by students, with individuals rarely receiving feedback when the SU is listening.

His main goal is to improve the Education Network, ensuring that all roles and responsibilities are completed to a high standard.

“As Education Officer, you’re allowed to talk to courses instead of just adding more services”

Mental health is one of Declan’s key subjects, and he states that “as Education Officer, you’re allowed to talk to courses and find out what’s going on, instead of just adding more services”.

His previous experience consists of being a Course Representative for two years and working with the faculty rep on a range of issues.

One salient issue that he worked on was Project Transform, attending open meetings and raising the concerns of many students.

On lecture capture, he tells us: “Up until now the push has been for lecture capture to be used by all University departments, but there needs to be individual policies for individual schools” based on their needs.

Declan is most looking forward to meeting lots of students from all different faculties and learning about what they want from their next Education Officer.

Luke Norman

To read the manifestos for your Education Officer candidates, head to the Student Leader Elections website.

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