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Image by Rhys Thomas for Impact Images

Cassie O’Boyle has been announced as the new SU Education Officer.

The total number of people who voted for this position was 3,947. Cassie O’Boyle won after 1 round of voting, beating Declan Greaves by 964 votes.

When asked how she was feeling after her win, she told Impact that she is “overwhelmed” and has “never been happier”. Her favourite part about campaigning was “being with all the other candidates”. Like most other candidates, she made friends with a lot of the other campaign teams. She added: “It’s been such a good vibe”.

Her plans for the rest of the night include “more pizza! Two pieces are not enough. And some sleep”. Finally, she concluded that she is most looking forward to forming a really good team and working closely with Beth (Massey).

Round 1:

Cassie O’Boyle: 2,353

Declan Greaves: 1,389

RON: 205

Yasemin Craggs Mersinoglu

Image: Impact Images

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