Ellie Mitchell has been announced as the new Community Officer for 2017-18.

The total number of people who voted for this position was 5563. Ellie won after 5 rounds of voting, beating by Moonisa Iqbal votes in the final round of voting.

Speaking to Impact, Ellie said that her first reaction was “what the hell?”, as she said that her alongside “[her] friends I didn’t initially think that I’d had won”.

With the main highlight of the campaign trail being meeting people and just gernerally talking to the voters on the campaign trail.

Upon being asked how Ellie was to celebrate, she said unfortunately that her and her friends has sold their Ocean tickets, but she said that they will be happily queueing tonight.

Round 1:

Ellie Mitchell = 2468

Moonisah Iqbal = 1359

Sami Hawari = 892

Priyanka Vij = 693

RON = 151

Round 2:

Ellie Mitchell = 2473

Moonisah Iqbal = 1362

Sami Hawari = 896

Priyanka Vij = 698

Round 3:

Ellie Mitchell = 2532

Moonisah Iqbal = 1408

Sami Hawari = 915

Round 4:

Ellie Mitchell = 2618

Moonisah Iqbal = 1500

Round 5:

Ellie Mitchell = 3129

Steven Green and Paras Sehmar 

Interview by Emily Harbottle

Image: Impact Images

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