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Recently, skincare brand Merumaya approached Impact Lifestyle asking if we would like to review their products. As Lifestyle Editor, I’m not generally inclined to do brand-specific beauty reviews as I’d rather be guided with recommendations than read anything persuasive for or against one brand or the other.

However, after some digging I stumbled across the following on Merumaya’s website:

“We build our reputation on unpaid customer/blogger/press/vlogger reviews, whilst corporates are obsessed with paid celebrity and influencer endorsements. We want your trust and therefore, clearly define ‘editorial/opinion’ vs. paid advertising/promotion/sponsorship. We are obsessed with customers being central to our brand, so we can stay relevant to you.”

After reading this and totally agreeing, I figured that a brand didn’t have to state such a thing on their website when as established as Merumaya are. I found it admirable and decided to put the review ahead and asked for two of our beauty bloggers Paasha and Amber to be given some samples to help their skin. Read below to see how the girls got on.


Paasha Ahmed was given two products for use on her combination/sensitive skin:

This week I have kindly been given two products to review from Merumaya: their Melting Cleansing Balm and Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel.

Melting Cleansing Balm

This vegan cleansing balm has been tested against 10 market-leading cleansing balms by The Guardian and scored the highest, thus earning the name ‘King of Cleansing Balms’. Already having a mighty reputation to uphold, I tested the claim with high hopes and I was far from disappointed.

Being sleek and portable, the packaging of the product oozed minimalism and a sense of effortlessness that also proved to be more hygienic and sustainable than the average double walled jars.

“I wanted to test the cleanser’s claim that it’s suitable for both blemish prone and dry skins”

Having combination/sensitive skin I have pretty much experienced the typical skin troubles of an average student i.e breakouts and eczema, so I wanted to test the cleanser’s claim that it’s suitable for both blemish prone and dry skins. On the first day I used it to remove my make-up. As guided by the instructions for blemish-prone skin I used the Melting Cleansing Balm to first remove my make up and then completed my ‘double cleanse’ with my normal face wash (although they recommend using Merumaya’s Luxury Facial Wash and Manual Cleansing Brush).

I placed a penny’s amount on a cotton pad and began to swipe the product over my face. Overall, I would say that the cleansing balm was great at removing the make-up I had on; (which was Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Waterproof 12- Hour Concealer and Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick on my cheeks) however it was not that effective at removing the waterproof mascara on my lashes – I noticed residual smudged mascara around my eyelids.

“This product would be best suited for regular use by people with dry skin”

After double cleansing my face I was pleasantly surprised at how moisturised it was, I didn’t feel like I needed my usual heavy duty moisturiser. This is due to the abundance of Echium Oil and Sweet Almond Oil in the cleanser, which provide a direct source of Omega 3, 6, 9 and Vitamin E. Overall, although being an excellent make up remover I feel like this would be too heavy to use on a daily basis for oily skin, especially during summer months. This product would be best suited for regular use by people with dry skin and a moisturising weekly treatment for those with oily skin during the winter months.

“Part of the price is due to its natural ingredients and the fact that the product is created and manufactured in Britain”

Retailing at a hefty price of £17.50, it is also far from your average drugstore cleanser. However, part of the price is due to its natural ingredients and the fact that the product is created and manufactured in Britain, helping to support our economy. Due to its high price I recommend saving this product for night-before prep on special occasions, to give you that added healthy glow to polish off your look for the day to come.


Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel

Having heard of the lawsuit surrounding the St Ives Apricot scrub (the scrub’s crushed walnut powder was shown to create microscopic tears in the skin, exposing it to infections and irritation) I have stayed far away from manual exfoliators, which contain granules, instead opting for chemical ones.

“I recommend slowly building up the length of treatment to avoid irritation”

Merumaya’s Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel is a perfect example of a gentle exfoliator which consists of both enzymes and acids that gently remove and dissolve dead surface skin cells. This exfoliator is suitable for all skin types and claims to leave skin glowing and less congested, therefore creating a smoother base for better make up application. The instructions state that you should smooth the gel all over the face for 5- 15 minutes and remove the excess using a washcloth. As salicylic acid is present in much of my daily skin care routine I was pretty comfortable leaving the treatment on for the full length of time. However, if you have sensitive skin I recommend slowly building up the length of treatment to avoid irritation. I experienced slight tingling and stinging on my first application, though nothing unbearable.

“The gel-like peel left my skin dewy”

As I washed off the peel I couldn’t believe how soft the skin on my face was, particularly around my nose and forehead. The gel-like peel left my skin dewy (as opposed to dry which is what I expected), and the pores on my cheeks instantly looked tighter. This is down to the GLYPURE70 in the peel, which is a glycolic acid that peels away the ‘grey’ and also the ingredient p-REFINYL, which reduces pore size. Merumaya recommend using this treatment twice a week and I’m adamant that with consistent use it will aid the fading of my hyperpigmentation. In my eyes this exfoliator classes as a luxury product as it retails at £19.50 per 50ml which is roughly twice the price of the high street store, Body Shop’s Vitamin C Glow Revealing Liquid Peel and so not exactly student- budget friendly, but it is a fantastic and worthwhile product to invest in.


Amber Baxter-Clarke meanwhile was given two different products to help aid her oily and irritable skin:
My skin has always been a problematic element in my life. While a small minority may have drifted through the teenage years, barely affected by the ins and outs of puberty, I was not quite so fortunate. As I enter my twentieth year, there is one thing that hasn’t wanted to balance out, and that is my acne.

“I am very pleased that they have now come under my radar”

Merumaya is a skincare brand I had not come across before, but I am very pleased that they have now come under my radar! I had the pleasure of testing out two Merumaya products for my acne prone skin: the Luxury Facial Wash and Concentrated Spot Treatment.

“I am particularly careful about the products I use on my skin”

Having angry-looking, blemished skin can be a pain (both literally and physically) throughout the year. During the summer season, acne-prone skin tends to go one way or another; it either produces an overload of oils due to the hot weather, or the sun may cause it to clear up, albeit briefly. Regardless of the season, having acne means I am particularly careful about the products I use on my skin in fear that they will cause irritation, or more breakouts.

“I felt in safe hands”

When I received the products from Merumaya I was very impressed with the fact I was sent a press release for the products, which included an extensive breakdown of each ingredient in the products and how they work to treat acne. As I mentioned earlier, due to being one of those people who is particularly cautious about applying new products to my sensitive skin, this felt very reassuring — I felt in safe hands.

Luxury Facial Wash

Advised to be used both morning and night, the Facial Wash squeezes into an orange gel which, when massaged into a damp face, lathers into a white foam. There is a prominent musky fragrance to the product, which I was initially a little unsure about, but grew to enjoy. The product made my skin feel energised in early mornings and refreshed after a long day. The Luxury Facial Wash contains pomegranate, enzymes and antioxidant ingredients (Rhodiola Rosea, Mangosteen and Baobab extracts) that work to reduce spots before they occur. It also includes A.C Net, which works to clear existing blemishes. After using the product for a period of time, I saw a noticeable reduction in the overall redness of my skin, which is fantastic.

Concentrated Spot Treatment.

On my first use, I applied a small amount of the product to a few predominant red spots on my skin, avoiding any skin that was broken, and it absorbed after a few minutes. I was absolutely astonished by how quickly this product helped my skin! I applied it first in the morning and the difference was noticeable within an hour. How can such a tiny bottle produce such wonders? (Probably the combination of ingredients: Sytenol which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, the anti irritant Mediaclam and Salicylic acid which removes dead skin cells) I have never experienced a skincare product work so quickly on my skin! By the evening, the red, angry-looking spots had reduced significantly. Whether you have acne or get the occasional pesky spot, this product is a must have in your skincare collection.

“I would advise using it once a day”

It is recommended to use the Spot Treatment both morning and night. However, in general, skin has a tendency to build up a tolerance to skincare products, causing the product to be less effective in the long run. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, if you are looking to use the product on a regular basis, I would advise using it once a day. Like most spot treatments, this treatment works to dry out spots, which for me caused quite a lot of flaky skin. This is easily combatted however, by applying a little more oil free moisturizer than usual.

“Between the two, I was most wowed over by the Concentrated Spot Treatment

Overall, I would recommend both products to people who suffer from oily, blemished or acne prone skin. Between the two, I was most wowed over by the Concentrated Spot Treatment. I did however feel that think the products compliment each other nicely when used together. The Facial Wash targets the entirety of the face, while the Spot Treatment effectively treats specific areas – a perfect combination.


Products Reviewed by Paasha Ahmed and Amber Baxter-Clarke
Images courtesy of Merumaya

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