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Impact Food: THiNK- Kiosk Review

Kiosk is an independent café located in the THiNK building, situated just outside of Lace Market. The building itself is tucked away in the hidden cove of Cobden Chambers, a quirky alleyway speckled with thriving businesses. Once through the passage, I was faced with aesthetic pastel coloured shops and vibrant graffiti that immersed me into my first experience at Kiosk.


“Enables an intimate and relaxed environment”

Once inside the café, I discovered what felt like two separate spheres. The first, a cosy social space, perfect for that Sunday morning coffee. The booths adjacent to the counter provide an ideal area for catching up with friends, old and new, whilst being able to simultaneously watch the preparation of various meals. The warm lighting created by the hanging lights enables an intimate and relaxed environment, perhaps an idyllic setting for a spot of quiet reading. Furthermore, Kiosk is also wheelchair friendly, ensuring that it is accessible for a wider range of people.

“Being surrounded by this kind of creative art had the effect of stimulating my own productivity”

The second part of the Café contrasted the first, as I encountered more of an open space, illuminated with natural light flooding in from the large windows. Filled with wooden tables, this room is suitable for anyone that wants to work through their to do list, whether that be students, small business start-ups or stay-at-home mums. Within this room they have a broad collection of books (most of which cost no more than £2.50) and art work for sale. Being surrounded by this kind of creative art had the effect of stimulating my own productivity, inspiring me to feel like I could produce the best work possible. Furthermore, the café also provided free wifi, meaning that all my internet needs were catered for.

“Kiosk helpfully aids and assists smaller creators in promoting their projects”

A further, defining feature of THiNK is that you are given the opportunity to be able to hire out this space for meetings, workshops and events. Significantly, every Friday Emma Torrance, a SFEDI qualified independent business adviser, is available to guide and educate those who are wanting to develop their own businesses, a topic that many of the books for sale focus on. In addition, I learnt that the products featured in the shops are also rotated as the new exhibitions come in, meaning that Kiosk helpfully aids and assists smaller creators in promoting their projects.

“Centred around Mexican dishes, an exciting twist on traditional Café menus”

In terms of the quality of cuisine they offered, their Sunday Brunch selection was largely centred around Mexican dishes, an exciting twist on traditional Café menus. Moreover, homemade cakes were displayed along the counter, including descriptions for each cake and whether they were wheat free/vegan/vegetarian. Personally, I think having these alternatives attract a larger audience, as people with intolerances are not limited to what they can have.

“Extremely student friendly”

In terms of beverages, they were all reasonably priced and extremely student friendly, with all coffee’s and a broad choice of teas under £2.70. The most expensive thing on the drinks menu was the Hand Made Seasonal Soda at £2.95, which would be a great option for those that do not like hot drinks. With regards to the staff service, they were all really friendly and approachable. They took the time to ensure we were satisfied with our order, were complementary to customers and even offered their advice on the best food substitutions.

Overall, I really enjoyed my visit to this café and will definitely be returning. The decently priced food and drinks, along with the creative ambience ensures for a peaceful afternoon of productivity.


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Sian Baldwin

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