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LIVE: Superfood @ Nottingham Bodega

Superfood began their journey in 2014, and have now released their second album with Dirty Hit Records and it is funky fresh. They have originality, with samples from Prince and a touch of Reggae, and create complexity while remaining fun. The night started with Husky Loops, who were also supporting Placebo on their tour, they laughed with the audience and wowed with their ability to create metal music which was cool and new, and the crowd were definitely buzzing.

The band came on stage, Dom Ganderton on vocal, Ryan Malcolm lead guitar, Emily Baker bass and Carl Griffin on the drums. They strolled on with a wave and smile but their arrival was marked by thundering applause and gave my first insight into the dedication of their fans.

They began the music immediately with ‘Unstoppable’ and I mean…they really were. It was preppy, cool and impressively, for a new release, everyone new the words. I could feel from the back of the gig the sense of community and enjoyment.

“A retro feel and an electronic beat”

This led into ‘Where’s the base amp?’ and the lights hit, reds and blues flashed along with the happy number, which is a personal favourite, with a retro feel and an electronic beat. The perfect song for a dance, and we did. In slower pieces such as ‘I can’t see’ the audience sang along with passion, it was clear Superfood have a strong following and for good reason.

By the time ‘Right on Satellite’ came on the atmosphere felt almost festival-like with a good crowd there for a good time. Almost out of nowhere the crowd spread, creating a rather large mosh pit in a small venue, so when they lead on into ‘Raindance’ they really started going for it. As the heavy drums, strong base and complex guitar mixed with the electric tunes, it created a pop feel with metal undertones, making the perfect tune to mosh and dance.

The set and stage itself was small and unassuming, with a simple sheet backdrop and standard lighting but Bodega was magical, as I watched people get lost in the music and just have fun.

“They sang their hearts out as Ganderton, Baker and Malcolm’s voices all mixed perfectly”

They didn’t just sit with their new record, but embellished it with music from their first album Don’t Say That. This pleased the audience, with huge cheers when each song was announced, evidence that these fans have followed Superfood from the beginning. ‘Mood Bomb’ definitely was. This was when the audience really let their inhibitions run. Girl’s clambered on shoulders and the moshing continued, they sang their hearts out as Ganderton, Baker and Malcolm’s voices all mixed perfectly despite their differing tones.

When it was time for the encore I was chanting along with the rest. What became apparent was that it was not just Superfood who made the night but the audience’s happiness and dedication, they worked with the band to provide what was a buzzing and lively atmosphere.

This has to be reflection on the band and their capability, which appears to come to them with ease but is a fine tuned masterpiece. They created preppy fun sounds to get you dancing. The night ended with Superfood’s first song and name inspiration, ‘Superfood’ and this led to the biggest cheer of the night and so much heartfelt singing from the crowd the band stopped and smiled as they could see the joy brought to Bodega on a Thursday night from their music.

Hollie Freeman

Image courtesy of Superfood

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