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A global employability ranking for 2017 published exclusively by Times Higher Education, revealed which universities recruiters at top companies think are the best for preparing students for the workplace.

As part of the survey for the ranking, hundreds of recruiters spanning from 33 countries were asked between May and September which universities they felt were producing the most employable graduates.

In the 2017 release, only two UK institutions, University of Oxford (placed 15th) and Imperial College London (placed 17th), made the top 20. Oxford had moved down eight places and there were other significant falls for some of the country’s other universities.

“Just 10 UK institutions now make the full list, down from 13 four years ago”

Just 10 UK institutions now make the full list, down from 13 four years ago, with the University of Nottingham the latest to drop out.

Former University of Nottingham graduate, Youssef, who is now the owner of an online fashion business, Zidouri Clothing, spoke to Impact about the importance of being self-employable.

“Society drills into your head that your unemployable if you do not have a ‘proper job’ and once you break out of that mindset, the independence of having a business lets you do things on your own terms. You have to convince yourself that this is a route of employability.”

Marvel Kalu

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