Dealing With A Diagnosis Of The New Years Blues

A New Year, a new... lack of motivation do anything. If this is you, Natasha Manohar is here with 5 steps to beat your New Years Blues and get you feeling like you can achieve anything

Christmas is over. You’ve eaten your entire body weight in Christmas food, and to top it all off, exams are just around the corner…face it, you’ve got the New Year Blues. But don’t worry, I know January seems like the start of a year with empty resolutions and extra weight gain, but with 5 simple steps, you’ll be floating on cloud nine this New Year!!


New year, new you—right? You have no excuses anymore. It’s the start of a new year, so that means you need to start doing rather than just saying. Whether that is hitting up the gym, doing work or eating healthy – you do it.

“Find the motivation inside you to actually want to do something”

It’s the initial bump that you’ve got to force yourself over, so go to the gym or start introducing some healthy food into your daily routine, and before you know it this will become an everyday habit. Force yourself to get up in the morning, add structure to your day and find the motivation inside you to actually want to do something.


Think of all the cookies, chocolate and pigs in blankets you’ve had this Christmas – you won’t look like a potato, but you may feel like one on the inside. I’m not saying to become a ‘gym lad’ and spend hours there every day, but going just for a little bit every other day is more than enough to make a difference.

Get into a workout routine, have a leg day, ab day or arms day and try and stick to it: structure is key. If you feel like you don’t have the time (or the money) for the gym, then do small things: walk to Tesco rather than getting a bus, walk to your friends’ house rather than taking an uber – simply put: walk walk walk! You could even watch YouTube videos and do a mini workout in your room, anything is better than nothing.

Step 3, The DETOX

It’s time to wash away the sins, the alcohol and the boys from 2017, and welcome some new vibes this year.

Convert to the herbal life. Stop downing those Jaeger bombs and start downing Green Tea! Yeah okay, it doesn’t taste that great, but who cares about the taste when it could actually fix your life? It contains caffeine, a natural stimulant which will help you stay awake and actually improves brain function: ideal for revision! It also contains antioxidants that can actually lower the risk of various health problems and helps fat loss…need I say anymore?

Step 4, The S.A.D

Are you sad, or do you have SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder).

January isn’t exactly the warmest or brightest month, but don’t let that influence your mood. The winter time can be one of the best times of the year. The crisp fresh air is really refreshing when walking to uni:  it’s enough to wake you up and cool you down when working up a sweat trekking around campus. Don’t let S.A.D overcome you, choose to have a positive outlook and this can allow everything to seem that much better.

Step 5, the NEW

“You can’t expect change if you don’t try something new”

Stop yearning over that boy, living in the past and wishing you were someone you aren’t. Instead pick yourself up and do something new. Create new memories, meet new people and try new things. That could be taking a new route to uni, joining a new society, or maybe even sitting next to someone different in a lecture. You can’t expect change if you don’t try anything new. Why not try out a new recipe, binge watch a new series or host a games night? Even introducing little things, like listening to new music, wearing a new perfume or trying a new hobby can feel immensely refreshing. No one likes staying in old habits, and sometimes venturing outside of your comfort zone is the kind of New Years boost you need.

Natasha Manohar


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