Creative Corner – Snowfall

Lauren uses photography and words to capture the beauty of snowfall in this wintry poem...

Lauren’s poetry is inspired by the nature she sees on campus and around Wollaton Park. Take a look at her beautiful words and photography as she describes the feel of winter in Nottingham…


Serenity settles in the atmosphere
like the crêpe-paper covering upon
this landscape, as if your snow globe world lies unshaken, ready
to be shaped into an origami creation.

The ground is a scrapbook of winter,
twigs and leaves turned to skeletal pressings
by an icy layer, like those faded flowers your
grandmother kept pressed between the pages of
her gardening book.

Inhale air
rendered pure,
watch the droplets glisten
as they melt
into your clothes,
let yourself
be washed clean.

Lauren Winson

Featured image and article images courtesy of Lauren Winson.

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