Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story – An International Women’s Day Event

For International Women's Day, explore the life of one incredible woman through a powerful documentary at Broadway Cinema...

Broadway Cinema celebrates International Women’s Day today (8th March) with a broadcast of the Hedy Lamarr documentary Bombshell.

The award-winning film, focusing around the 1940s Hollywood starlet, will be shown at the indie cinema at 6:30pm (on the dot, according to the website), and will be followed with a Q&A with the writer and director Alexandra Dean, so prepare yourself for a great night out.

The film is highly praised by many outlets, such as The Guardian, and any who have an interest in the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood and the major players on the scene will really enjoy this.

With the tagline of ‘Icon. Immigrant. Inventor.’, the film sets out to cover the exceptional life of Lamarr, a woman who left Austria in the mid-1930s on the brink of war, and went to America to pursue a life of fame. What is probably most interesting about Lamarr is her talent for science, as the tagline states, which led her to create one of the most important inventions of the modern world.

The film draws a lot from her personal experiences and struggles, dealing with her two worlds, using interviews with those closest to Lamarr to plot her life against the backdrop of her best works on film.

What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day then by watching the life story of not only a great actress and icon for the era, but an incredibly smart woman who help shaped life as we know it? Also, with only £4.50 for an under-25 ticket to the film and Q&A, how can you say no?

Holly Wilson

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